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Book. "Fallen Demon" read online

Fallen Demon

Luse Chintu

Story about:love and sacrifice, demon and human romance

Age restriction: 18+

23 212

#2074 in Fantasy
#85 in Erotic Supernatural

On Hold: 06 Mar 22 pages

Publication: 15.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "Fallen Demon"

'He' was known as the demon of death, he roamed the earth like the wind, his peers simply called him Natos, he was a loner and merely waited for his job to come, when no souls needed to be collected, Natos roamed the earth, he took any human form he wanted and made use of it, he enjoyed the fine things of life despite being souless and in the quiet of night, he returned to his world to be with his brothers and sisters, some would simply call demons!
At 23 Mary-Ann only had one friend from high school, no boyfriend and no prospect either, she was probably going to grow old that way and have a thousand cats for her companions! But then one day out of the blue, she met Henk, her neighbour who came and changed her world completely, she thought he was her guardian angle, but was he?


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Fourier Karen
09.03.2021, 21:10:37

Well I didn't check the number of chapter before reading that book, I was already deep in the book with my Camembert and bread when I don't see any next chapter. I am still shocked, I need to forget your book for at least one month and comeback to read many chapters. Good job, I like the dirty talking, and the story will be full of fun and list. Waiting for it.

Luse Chintu
09.03.2021, 20:14:06

Fourier Karen, Hi, thanks for the feedback, am definately updating chapters on the regular! Thanks for the encouragement too...XOXO

Steve Lionel Ngomeni
08.02.2021, 13:47:31

HI Luse i can't open the book

Luse Chintu
08.02.2021, 16:21:19

Steve Lionel Ngomeni, Check now babe!

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