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Fallen Finally


Story about:magick, angels and demons, healers

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#740 in Romantic fantasy
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Publication: 11.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Fallen Finally"

Book #3 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love and follows Fallen & Fallen Further.

There once was a young boy who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. His life is full of joy and love until one day he begins to realise that he does not know his father's name. He then wonders if he does not know who his father is and indeed, what his father does, what what would that make him as his son?


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muthulakshmi G
25.07.2020, 13:27:32

HypGothic, yes...

Ryo Francis
19.02.2020, 15:24:59

Donatien :)

Your characters have such unique names — very creative!

Book of Whispers, because the book whispers — so cool & i can't believe it took me up to book3 to realize that

20.02.2020, 03:20:51

Ryo Francis, thank you. I think this appeals to you because it's they way you are heading yourself. Stay original. :)

Emma Swan
14.01.2020, 14:13:31

I want more!!!! Sis, you have to write a trilogy... this isn't something meant for a short story. the characters are great, but they are not made for 10+ pages. Please put them in a nice book. I will be the first to read it.

Emma Swan
15.01.2020, 07:56:05

HypGothic, I know, but we both read it. I think that you should write this trilogy. you are made to write this trilogy... dreams happen for a reason, nothing is coincidental.

11.01.2020, 15:34:39

it's a good story, but a little bit short

11.01.2020, 22:17:48

Krystal, yes it was originally only supposed to be one short story.

Renuka Kadlag
11.01.2020, 16:17:23

Thanks again. I love the ending. Can you make another sequel like this.

11.01.2020, 22:17:25

Renuka Kadlag, thank you. I am thinking about things. I will see what happens. Thanks for your support

Goodness Shadrach
11.01.2020, 12:26:24

will they be another one?

11.01.2020, 22:16:29

Goodness Shadrach, aww thank you lovely xo

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