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Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)


Series: Fantastopia

Story about:
adventure, elves, romance and comedy


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Ongoing: 06 Jul 217 pages

Publication: 02.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Fantastopia: A Crazy World (part 2)"

So, you made it to the second book huh? And you're still interested in reading more about me and my new life? Well, alright then! So as you probably know, I'm still getting the hang of this double life, but at least I don't have to worry about college anymore. However, that doesn't mean I won't be facing any more challenges of being the new hero of Fantastopia. In the first book, things were crazy, but in this book, things are about to get crazier. Join me and my friends as I discover more about the wonderful world of Fantastopia as we continue to get into some strange shenanigans while at the same time try to avoid getting killed because that's gonna happen a lot in this world. My name is Jesse Thomas, and welcome back to Fantastopia.

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Kim Miller 24.02.2020, 19:04:04


Andy Rose 23.02.2020, 15:22:27

crazy family hahaha

Dora Kellner 05.02.2020, 17:26:50

I love the 2 books

Cary James 28.01.2020, 17:32:06

so many chapters dedicated to the cake hahah

Douglass Millsap 23.01.2020, 19:34:11

this cake must be special

Lawrence Frost 22.01.2020, 01:05:32

great job

Clayton Terrel 21.01.2020, 19:18:50

I don't like my birthday too

Douglass Millsap 14.01.2020, 13:46:46

continue it

Eric Phillips 13.01.2020, 00:36:03

I'm here for a book 2

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