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Fated To be a Lord's Mate


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werewolf alpha, vampire lord, suspense and mystery


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Ongoing: 06 Aug 70 pages

Publication: 25.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "Fated To be a Lord's Mate"

Emily Jones is a Half Werewolf Girl, Her Mother is a Werewolf and Her Father is A Human, who later found out that she is Fated to be a mate of Werewolf Alpha Jack Peterberg. After Giving herself Fully to werewolf lord, later next day she found out that she was just a necessery tool to Werewolf lord there was no mutual Love between them. What will she do next......
Two Soul which is connected through a dream and a mate bond where will be there fate take them. Will they together in future or there will be some mysterious person between them...

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Nina Daniel 10.08.2020, 01:25:34

Hey there lovely, I read your story and I find it amazing! You did a great job.

I'd appreciate it if you read my story "Trapped" which is the same genre as yours. :)

Ayomiposi Aduke 06.08.2020, 14:41:54

when are u updating

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Ayomiposi Aduke 06.08.2020, 17:45:26

Anushka, okay

Ayomiposi Aduke 06.08.2020, 14:41:22

when next are u updating

Oluwatosin Akintomide 03.08.2020, 12:05:21

are u note updating today

Oluwatosin Akintomide 02.08.2020, 10:30:03

ur story is nice you should publish it in wattpad to. Keep it up you are such a good author

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Anushka 02.08.2020, 13:32:29

Oluwatosin Akintomide, Ohh Thankyou dear for suggestion❤❤

Oluwatosin Akintomide 02.08.2020, 10:23:13

have seen it waiting for tomorrow's update

Oluwatosin Akintomide 02.08.2020, 10:11:34

so when is the next update

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Anushka 02.08.2020, 10:14:05

Oluwatosin Akintomide, Dear I have updated today have a look❤

Oluwatosin Akintomide 01.08.2020, 12:08:34

omg Emily is so brave, I feel for the vampire lord, but sha sha when are u updating,

Oluwatosin Akintomide 31.07.2020, 15:27:52

am in love with this story

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Anushka 31.07.2020, 17:15:39

Oluwatosin Akintomide, Thankyou So Much Dear

Cherry Loquias 31.07.2020, 16:32:45

i love the story much...hope the next chapter the soonest...and the author really a story teller...

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Anushka 31.07.2020, 17:15:06

Cherry Loquias, Awww THANKYOU SO MUCH DEAR❤

Oluwatosin Akintomide 31.07.2020, 11:12:22

plssss update

Oluwatosin Akintomide 31.07.2020, 01:07:27

pls update pls oo

The last comment in the thread:

Anushka 31.07.2020, 07:06:43

Oluwatosin Akintomide, Yes Dear I will update soon

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