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Story about:suspense, darkromance, kidnaping and sexual abuse

Age restriction: 18+

30 719

#612 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1069 in Erotic

On Hold: 25 Jun 86 pages

Publication: 31.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Fear"

"Smile, Princess."

Timothée Wang, a mad man who runs an underground institution that can cure fears. In order to feed his sadistic hunger, he kidnaps unsuspecting victims that have no one to notice their disappearance. He managed to get away with his torment for years, that is, until he abducts the wrong person.

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G A Rosell
05.04.2021, 13:28:57

Hello, I love your story. I have added you to my list of authors to follow, can you do the same for me? So we can build a community of writers and we can follow each other in our literary career.
I read your story can you read mine as return? Thank U.
I hope to read more of your story.

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