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Description of book "Fertile Love "

Akela is a lone girl. She didn't have anyone beside her when she's growing up , no family and no such friends to whom she can turn to, except her boyfriend of 3 years who betrayed her. Seeing this, with her new heartbreak she decided to live her best life today so that she can die tomorrow.
But life wasn't having her way. She became pregnant with a stranger's , whom she meet at the club, not knowing that the stranger is Palm City's most notorious eligible bachelor Michele Langdon. A billionaire by profession and playboy by heart, in search of his missing piece.
What will happen when these two collides? Will Michele accept her for who she is? Will Akela finally find her one and only or will their past ruin their chances of even knowing each other.
Stay tuned to find out.


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Hemalatha periyasamy
12.08.2021, 05:28:28


feny Kharsyiemiong
11.08.2021, 14:29:52

your book is so confused to read

Monika Singh
08.07.2021, 11:48:38

Please update next chapter

Juliet Cedro
01.02.2021, 14:44:09

Next chapter please....what will happen to Akela?

08.04.2021, 22:15:42

Juliet Cedro, Hey ! Thank you so much for reading and supporting my story! & also very sorry for uploading chapters this late .... I was busy in my semester exams & thus got no time .... So sorry and I have updated so please feel free to check it out.
Thank you

Nkoli Oguagha
11.11.2020, 00:25:12

Like d description. Waiting earnestly for the blow this story will bring. All d best!

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