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Fifty Shades Darker

Laura Williams

Story about:love, mystery, billionaire

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Ongoing: 24 Nov 88 pages

Publication: 24.10.2020 — ...
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Description of book "Fifty Shades Darker"

Meet Riley Kendall, who has been struggling with life since her parents died when she was only 10. Working at an underpaid job, she can't pay the 4 months overdue rent either. She finds a job at a billionaire's house and decides to go for it. Little does she know her life would be turned completely upside down.

Meet Zach Price, a billionaire with looks, brains and money- he was the ideal of many females out there. However, he was always cold and mean to everyone. His personality was something no one could understand. Not only he was rude, self-centered and arrogant, he also had an extremely short temper. His personal maid was fired thrice for not being able to complete her work on the exact time, the pressure of work was too much for a maid.

What will happen when they meet each other?

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Pamela Hardeo 19.11.2020, 19:03:52

thanks for the update cannot wait to read the next chapter s

Riechi Manen 16.11.2020, 23:46:42

can you pls update more

Pamela Hardeo 13.11.2020, 14:18:03

thanks for the update it getting interesting

Aarushi Jain 10.11.2020, 15:39:29

Dear writer just wanted to ask after how many days you update the book?

The last comment in the thread:

Laura Williams 10.11.2020, 17:24:56

Aarushi Jain, sorry for the inconvenience, I'm a little busy with assignments but I'll try to update fast :)

Riechi Manen 03.11.2020, 13:47:05

Riley am sorry that life is not fair too you, it happens you just have to be strong

vivian oghor 02.11.2020, 12:41:59

Nice one, waiting for updates

Dezrene Gardner 01.11.2020, 13:39:03

I think Zach is a bit slow and afraid

Toekey Tasung 31.10.2020, 22:30:05

ooo i think he was going to say i love you

bharat jio 31.10.2020, 19:44:15

it's a nice chapter.. I wanna read more
thank you for update..
but pls update sooner..
stay blessed

Dezrene Gardner 31.10.2020, 18:31:28

hahaha I LOVE YOU

LucyCindy 30.10.2020, 21:27:54

Love the story, please update

Evelyn Audu-Lawal 30.10.2020, 20:48:05

wow interesting... I'm so eager to read more. nice job

Dezrene Gardner 30.10.2020, 17:19:52

is he a man or a mouse

Resmi Mukherjee 29.10.2020, 19:16:00

Nice story..its going to be interesting.

Veronica Sphere 29.10.2020, 18:48:46

This is surely going to be an interesting story.......❤❤

Zunaish Khan 29.10.2020, 17:40:02

Waiting for updates ?

sweet munishi 29.10.2020, 16:23:14


Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 15:53:30

I am in wonderland if it was me to hell with this job no fucking way would I be massaging that bitch foot and that Zach is a piece of shit

Pamela Hardeo 28.10.2020, 15:42:07

lovely story keep up the good work

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 15:22:25

omg i have to take a shower now because I was touched by a filthy maid the audacity of that bitch and he agreed with her what an asshole

Dezrene Gardner 28.10.2020, 15:16:28

poor girl is hungry and overworked

bharat jio 28.10.2020, 15:14:27

pls update asap..
I am eager to read more..
stay blessed

bharat jio 28.10.2020, 14:57:49

it's a very nice start..
all the best dear..
make it more interesting..
stay well and happy

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada 26.10.2020, 18:22:52

Nice write up

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