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On Hold: 13 Jun 199 pages

Publication: 08.06.2019 — ...

Description of book "Fighting Spirit"

For thousands of years, khronosaun samurai have ruled the land. No graelock slave has ever sought a place among their ranks, but one is about to change the lives of many. When a young slave boy named Marko is sold to the legendary swordsman Grandmaster Aktua, a spiritual journey wrought with perilous dangers will mold the warm-blood's heart, mind, body, and spirit into that of the hero he was destined to become.

A wondrous taboo to his friends; a deadly threat to his enemies; a fearsome dragon in the eyes of his master. Marko takes sword in hand for the first time in this heartfelt and action-packed saga.


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Mike Two
14.06.2019, 14:04:36

Honk is a good boy

Cooper Autry
16.06.2019, 21:26:23

Is he your favorite character?

Cooper Autry
13.06.2019, 05:12:15

Next Episode is up. If you're enjoying this series so far, hit the like button. Do it, or else...

Joe Marh
13.06.2019, 12:45:39

Cooper Autry, great!

Cooper Autry
11.06.2019, 21:10:37

Very soon

Douglass Millsap
11.06.2019, 12:08:35

update pls

Cooper Autry
08.06.2019, 22:59:30

Thanks. There’s more on the way

Cooper Autry
10.06.2019, 21:51:58

Soon as I can. I dumped everything I had of the first three arcs, with the third still going. I’ve also thought about self-publishing it either on Amazon or some other platform, complete with illustrations for each chapter and a cover made by me personally. I’d probably wind up selling it for about 1.99 or 2.99 at maximum. But that all kind of depends on the demand. Let me know if this is a prospect you or anyone else might be interested in.

Thanks for reading, btw. You guys are my first beta readers. Welcome to Duartha.

Tim Lawson
08.06.2019, 20:55:02

not bad

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