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Fire A Woman

Frisha Gold

Story about:supernatural, romance betrayal heartbreak, spy schemes

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#400 in Thrillers & Suspense
#389 in Mystery

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Publication: 05.04.2019 — ...

Description of book "Fire A Woman"

When Ambarola's trusted friend sells her to the Bamba Bulls cult to be used as sacrifice, she finds herself with no choice other than bargaining with the devil and doing the impossible to save herself and her country.

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Catsoline Grace 14.04.2019, 16:37:28

still waiting for the updates

Amara Kent 13.04.2019, 15:26:18

what will happen next?

Savage Rose 10.04.2019, 12:26:05


King Ade-Nche 10.04.2019, 12:09:42

My Gold4Ever!
Just come back finish this Tory ooh

Catsoline Grace 09.04.2019, 18:57:09

hope you´ll update soon

Lizzie Dunlap 08.04.2019, 13:46:52

don´t leave me like this, I want to read more!

Loreal Farmer 07.04.2019, 13:13:11

very interesting

Pauletta Attaway 06.04.2019, 13:56:30


Nicole Preedy 05.04.2019, 18:50:00

very nice, want to know more

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Frisha Gold 05.04.2019, 20:18:26

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