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Publication: 19.03.2020 — 29.05.2020

Description of book "Five Weeks"

Anahita Maurya is the modern image of independent, liberated girl with an equally modern family background. Despite this, she is betrothed to her father's best friend's son, Yuvraaj, who knows nothing but to get under her skin. She clearly despised his presence in her life and adamantly employs all the devices to get out of his vice clasp. Even if this means getting a boyfriend and defiant her family. Now, she has successfully involved herself in a relationship and Yuvraaj has chosen the exact moment to turn her world upside down. From persuasion to rebellion, all the measures have been plied. Finally, headstrong and ball breaking Anahita decides to elope on the eve of her wedding. Except, her boyfriend never turns up.


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Avika Rai
25.07.2021, 13:50:15

what a beautiful story, Yuvraaj uff your ML of stories are always way more appealing and heart conqueror than the FL.

Irena Fatima
18.07.2021, 20:59:28

this was an amazing experience
its had great plots... alot of love to you.. dear author

07.07.2021, 21:19:59

thanks so much for the book it's a beautiful one

Shubham Sav
28.06.2021, 15:20:04

wonderful book.....(•‿•)...

Khushboo Sav
28.06.2021, 14:56:30

I love love love this book so muchh.... thnx for writing such a beautiful story... ヾ(^-^)ノ

Khushboo Sav
28.06.2021, 12:15:08

Shruti Omar, ヾ(^-^)ノ

Subhash Sav
28.06.2021, 15:12:17

beautiful novel..... I really loved this book.... thnk u so much...

Lakhan Sav
28.06.2021, 14:02:54

oh my gosh.... wow... i'm in love with this book... At first I thought what kind of story is this 5 weeks and Didn't take much interest but after reading I have become a fan of your writing.... You have done wonderfull writing....I have fallen in love with Yuvraaj too... with how much love, care and patiently he handled his wife .... wow author.. u r ry amazing....

Lakhan Sav
28.06.2021, 11:27:29

Shruti Omar, ヾ(^-^)ノ

Arshita Navin
05.05.2021, 00:04:44

Hey i loved the concept.. Many girls are forced to marry in such conditions but less of them get what they deserve.... The story of hurt, love and family goes really well not even for once you can think story was a bore...
I'm too from India but not Maharashtra and really felt good to know the culture and learn a little bit of marathi.. I can show off now.. Haha
Anyways I really appreciate your work thanks for such a story. :)

Shruti Omar
28.06.2021, 11:13:15

Arshita Navin, Thank you so much.

Geeth Shan
05.05.2021, 08:35:27

it's really superbbbbbbbb....I loved it....Thank you for the story

Shruti Omar
28.06.2021, 11:12:47

Geeth Shan, Thanks.

divya gupta
15.05.2021, 22:48:25

I am in luv with dis story of yours ...and ofcourse Yuvraaz !!!very nicely described commencement of luv bw d two newly married...dis story is worth reading several times ...not to forget the humour part ..ol n ol perfect ..

Shruti Omar
28.06.2021, 11:12:38

divya gupta, Thanks

27.06.2021, 21:53:23

just wow.Accidently come across this book and fall in love.must read book.but I wanted to know how Anhita's parents patch up with there daughter.

Shruti Omar
28.06.2021, 11:11:12

RUCHIKA NAHATA, That's another story. They won't need much attention.

Shaanya Lal
26.05.2021, 05:31:22

the book was amazing thank you I read books to fulfill my intrests in novels and romance and to enrich my vocabulary. this book did both for me. and I m glad to read it.

Khushpreet Kaur
23.06.2021, 03:23:37

Shaanya Lal, same here

Shailu Sarang
19.06.2021, 11:48:07

i loved this story ..... you are an extra-ordinary author.... its just wow

Shruti Omar
19.06.2021, 08:57:24

Shailu Sarang, Thanks. ❤️

Kizza Betty
05.06.2021, 03:52:24

author, you're an unusual powerful writer

Shruti Omar
05.06.2021, 05:31:16

Kizza Betty, Thank you ❤️

Shruti Jambhore
16.05.2021, 07:39:56

You have done a commendable job here. What a rich vocabulary!! I have learnt so many new words. And the story is just WOW.

Shruti Omar
25.05.2021, 17:46:23

Shruti Jambhore, Thank you so much ❤️

Shaanya Lal
25.05.2021, 18:26:06

you know even if I haven't stsrted the book but the ml's name is the exact name of my brother Yuvraaj normally plp don't have double A in ttheir names but me and my brother do have aonI will read the story it does look interesting will give my opinion later

Shruti Omar
25.05.2021, 17:45:57

Shaanya Lal, Sure. I will love to hear your views.

Runa Lal
13.05.2021, 20:51:38

I t was really a nice story

Pooja Singh
05.05.2021, 01:59:22

Wow lovely story

03.05.2021, 14:21:49

Wow I love this story thanks Author for such a wonderful story seriously your story characters are like real. Not like those stories were just possessiveness obsession abused was filled I’m glad to read your work I like you give so much value to trust in relationship thanks again

Shruti Omar
03.05.2021, 14:04:17

Alicemalice, You're always welcome. ?

Mahzabeen Khan Tumpa
07.04.2021, 13:06:15

Thank you sweetie. Take care. God bless you

Mahzabeen Khan Tumpa
07.04.2021, 07:47:31

Loved the story.

Shruti Omar
07.04.2021, 06:48:56

Mahzabeen Khan Tumpa, Thanks. And, Sweetie I loved your name

thump up

Shruti Omar
07.04.2021, 06:48:33

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thanks

AJ Ana
11.03.2021, 09:59:25

Hello , I'm beginner on booknet would you mind to support each other? please follow me on booknet so , I'll follow you back and if you're available on Instagram then @a.j.anastasia it's my username let's Interact I'll glad to be friends as we are on same path our passion is same so , would you mind to interact ?

AJ Ana ;)

AJ Ana
17.03.2021, 11:16:24

Shruti Omar, great

Syeda Noorah
13.03.2021, 11:35:03

Loved the story very much....
Finally they understand and love each other...
I really liked the chapter when they talk about trust in relationship or a marriage. ....

Syeda Noorah
13.03.2021, 14:54:56

Shruti Omar, Ur most welcome...I'll definitely check ur other books

at last, happy ending. it's good to have two sided love

Shruti Omar
13.03.2021, 13:09:08

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thank you sweetheart for so many lovely comments.

turn of situation

hmmmmmm, tell him

it will be nice if the two of you can make the marriage work

if you want to remain his wife, tell him

why do you want attention now? you said don't love him

hope things can work out between the two of you


is that really the end

is that really the ey

what type of woman are you married and dating another

you will fall for this guy soon

he will conquer you the rate he is going

no escape !!!!!
get ready for it

you will come around soon

teach her manners

learn to love your husband
since you love your in-laws

your ex boyfriend will not come adjust to your married life

five weeks to do what

I know you can't escape

what next?

what a plan, will it work

how will you cope in the marriage

will she be able to escape

can he save you


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