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Book. "For His Sake" read online
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#1004 in Billionaires
#522 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 64 pages

Publication: 16.07.2022 — 21.07.2022

Description of book "For His Sake"

Aditi had made a life for herself, trying to forget her dark past and all the ensuing heartbreak. She had been helped in making a new life, by Navin, who loved her despite her tainted past. What happens when Shrey Anand, a billionaire, and ruthless businessman comes back one day to disrupt her life again? How does he react to the secret that she had kept hidden all these years? Does she fall into his trap again or does she choose loyal, dependable Navin?


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Usha Sanath Shetty
03.03.2023, 10:12:35

very beautiful story author

Shelly Roy
05.03.2023, 07:29:11

Usha Sanath Shetty, thanks, dear reader.

Payal Pradhan
05.10.2022, 14:52:46

awesome work author

Shelly Roy
07.10.2022, 15:19:30

Payal Pradhan, Thank you.

21.07.2022, 17:24:50

Oh wow at last happy ending with last-minute drama and all.

Shelly Roy
27.09.2022, 11:28:14

StarGirl, Thank you for reading. Please check out my other books.

Priya Singh
28.07.2022, 13:02:33

awesome book

Shelly Roy
27.09.2022, 11:27:33

Priya Singh, Thank you. Please check out my other books and follow me.

21.07.2022, 08:59:23

Omg, who is this man? And how can Shrey question her love when he is answerable to her that he loved her not as he is been living Tanya and from it seems him and Tanya where happy couples by all stories so the question is did he love her bcoz if yes he wouldn't marry Tanya and now questioning her chastity great and Navin also somewhat disappointed me but Shrey is beyond that.

Shelly Roy
21.07.2022, 16:14:55

StarGirl, Find out in this latest update.

20.07.2022, 15:48:36

Navin is such a sweet character who read Aditi within her talk that she is upset, he knows Aditi so dearly. Loved the update and thanks for the double update dear author.

Shelly Roy
21.07.2022, 07:39:02

StarGirl, Thanks. Follow the story to know more about Aditi's relationship with Navin.

20.07.2022, 11:53:17

Shrey so cruel. Now, what's her fault for this.

Shelly Roy
20.07.2022, 14:22:37

StarGirl, Yes, he is. Aditi will have to find a way to deal with it.

19.07.2022, 22:06:17

I think she should have chosen Navin instead of Shrey and now Raghu is also fine. It seems the marriage of convenience. Hooked with the story though. But want her character to be strong than being typical to put up with their cheating partner.

Shelly Roy
20.07.2022, 06:04:31

StarGirl, Thank you for your feedback. Please follow the story to find out more about Aditi's ordeal. Follow me for more such stories.

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