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Forbidden love

Badt girl

Story about:self discovery, forbidden love, prophecy

Age restriction: 18+

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#1 in School
#31 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 19 Sep 34 pages

Publication: 23.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Forbidden love"

Isolated life, left alone at a young age in the streets of Canada. Taken to an orphanage, but lives at the age of eighteen for her journey of self discovery. She starts college and soon discovers her true purpose, her true self, her true love.

Matteo lucca is the most feared student on campus. All the teachers despise him but what can they do. He has a dark secret, a secret that can change his life if revealed to anyone. No one in the Pandora college can dare speak to the ruthless, arrogant beast of a guy. But why is he feared so much? is it because of his dark aura or the way he speaks or when he never gets expelled or suspended whenever caught in a fight, or it's just the prophecy that ties him down.


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Saheli Adhikary
29.08.2022, 08:35:11

nice story

Badt girl
29.08.2022, 23:09:46

Saheli Adhikary, Thank you, I'll be updating regularly

Saheli Adhikary
29.08.2022, 08:35:21

keep it up