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Book. "Forever " read online
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#39 in Romantic mystery
#108 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 23 Sep 5 pages

Publication: 23.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Forever "

A woman who is ambitious, passionate about her dream to become a teacher in a university.
Her charm can make anyone fall for her,she also fell in love with a man,who left her,he broke his promise,he broke her heart,he promised to stay forever,but nothing stays for forever. The girl who used to be bubbly,silly was now a grownup women,who only loves her dream,no one else.

Jeon jungkook:

A boy who is popular in his university,good in studies,a fuck boy, his charm can make anyone fall for him,but she was an exception.
But , a bet changed his life. And he crazily fell for his teacher

But is she is ready to accept her student as her man?

Forbidden romance ✓
Age gap✓
Teacher student ✓

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25.08.2022, 18:01:49


25.08.2022, 19:42:30

PA, thanks love :)

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