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Four Seasons of Rainy Days


Story about:music, mental health, friendship and love

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Description of book "Four Seasons of Rainy Days"

When high school seniors, Lành (a.k.a. Renée a.k.a. Raini) Ðang & Patrick (a.k.a. Tripp) Wiley cross paths more than once, they never expect their lives to change in extraordinary ways. They meet in summer, become friends in autumn, confess their feelings in winter and fall in love in spring.

Both of them have endured hardships within their lives. For Raini, she fell in and out of love with a homeless teenage street artist/junkie named Chase. For Tripp, he escaped an abusive household, fell out of love with drugs and fistfights and fell in love with music.

But what happens when people from their past return unexpectedly?

Over the span of four seasons, Raini and Tripp will face their pasts together & experience the ups and downs of friendship, love, and loss that life has to offer.

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Plume Alter 20.09.2020, 10:34:29

I had decided to read the first three chapters but ended up reading the whole 24 chapters in just 5 hours!!! I was really drawn to the story and I'm really proud of you miss author. Sometimes I get to be so annoyed with Raini but then again, she really had no choice at all since her panic attacks are inevitable, aftermaths of a health condition that she cannot control (and that's so sad). and I like the trio so much. I can really feel their genuine affection to Raini. anyways, I'm excited for the next updates. I'm gonna stick around.

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noveltealover 21.09.2020, 18:15:05

Plume Alter, Omg you're too kind! T_T ♡ Thank you so much. I'm so grateful for the encouragement of the fellow authors in this community hehe. I can say the same about you for your works! I'll also add your contest entry to my library as well :D And ooh yes, of course! I'd love to add you on FB. I made a secondary FB account just for Booknet and its writing groups haha. I ironically use it more than my personal FB account lol. I go by an alias of Nix Lux on there since I couldn't register an account using my pen name of noveltealover xD

writerpantz 05.09.2020, 19:59:16

I love your story. I can so much relate to the characters. It's well-described and well-written.

Ps, are you on Wattpad, and do you write there?

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noveltealover 07.09.2020, 04:31:44

writerpantz, Ah, I see! Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to share your thoughts :) I know WP is popular for YA stories and you do make a good point! Maybe I'll post it on WP someday, but thanks for letting me know you'll continue reading it on Booknet then. Happy reading and I hope you'll discover lots of other authors & stories to enjoy on here in the future too! :)

Ruphina Raphael 31.08.2020, 22:44:15

Meh ♥️
This book is really interesting. I really like the bond between Oliver, Elliot, Miguel and Tripp. Even though they aren't in highschool anymore they still manage to stick together.
Roxy is a darling ♥️

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noveltealover 01.09.2020, 04:31:41

Ruphina Raphael, Awwh thank youu! ❤ ❤ I'm so happy you like the characters heheh. Friendship is what I want to emphasize the most in this story so I'm glad you like Tripp and his bandmates. They're a fun bunch :D And aww, you think Roxy is a darling hehe. I'm glad! She's my absolute favourite to write aside from my two main characters of course. ^_^

Izzy 30.08.2020, 17:37:39

Omg I just read two more chapters and I realised I’m all caught up already haha, it really kept me up and reading :) I just reached chapter 24 and just wanted to say thank you for mentioning me, it was really sweet ❤️ And of course I gave it a like! I’m just disappointed I haven’t started reading earlier ;) anyways, love this and excited for more updates and books coming from you ❤️❤️

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noveltealover 31.08.2020, 04:35:46

Izzy, Omg thank you soo much, Izzy. ❤ I wasn't expecting someone to read all the way to the end lmao (but thanks for binge-reading hehe ;D). I think it's a pretty slow-paced story so I get it if some readers tend to drop the story after the first several chapters since it takes a while for my MCs to warm up to each other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nonetheless, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the story so far. And aww you're welcome! I like giving shoutouts in my A/Ns just to thank y'all for the support ❤

Izzy 30.08.2020, 17:30:15

Woah! I just started reading and so far, it’s great. Love your writing. It’s so smooth and beautiful :) waiting for more updates ❤️

Ruphina Raphael 18.08.2020, 02:52:04

Halfway into the first chapter I am already hooked. I really liked the way you described the “Battle of the Bands” and Raini’s social anxiety, no excess info, no less info. It was just well written. The part about the changing of band names cracked me up.
I like Holly already she is really hilarious ^_^ and I like the bond between she and Raini.^‿^

I really like the way you write too. You do know how to keep your readers glued.
We'd be expecting more updates ❤️❤️

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noveltealover 18.08.2020, 19:30:47

Ruphina Raphael, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Ruphina. You're the absolute sweetest! ♡♡ I'm glad that you're liking the characters. :3 This story is basically like 70% dialogue and 30% descriptions tbh LOL. My early chapters are super short, but they get quite long in later chapters as my writing improved over the years. xD And thank you, I'm hoping I'll portray Raini's anxiety properly throughout the story since this is just me writing based off research or what I've read. :) I always have a lot of fun writing about Tripp with his band hehe. Music is what really defines him so you'll see more of him doing band gigs later :D And even though Holly doesn't appear often in the story, she'll always have her cousin's back no matter what! I hope I can make her appear more in the future though. Thanks again for taking the time to read my story & I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far (❁´◡`❁)

Roza Csergo 05.08.2020, 17:50:37

You write so well. I like it how you voice each chapter through your characters. Your style sounds so natural, if you know what I mean. And your descriptions are short, to the point. Also, I'm connecting with the characters as soon as you introduce them. Please, keep the updates coming.

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noveltealover 06.08.2020, 03:46:34

Roza Csergo, Thank you very much for your compliment considering how I'm just an amateur. Being an avid reader certainly helped me to develop my own writing style. :) I'm also happy to hear that you can connect with my characters easily regardless of their age. My early chapters are fairly short and the length varies a lot but the chapters become longer as the story progresses. I think it's due to the more chapters one writes, the more experience one gains as a writer. Thank you again and I hope you will enjoy the story!

Ruphina Raphael 04.08.2020, 13:59:35

I just added this book to my library and can't wait to read it ✿
Your annotation is really interesting (^‿^)

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Ruphina Raphael 04.08.2020, 20:37:57

noveltealover, I bet I would love them, they definitely sound like fun characters ❤

Marilyn Lucero 31.07.2020, 08:43:18

Wow! The opening chapter is so beautiful. Though I am not a member of any band but I can relate since I have my singing groups before.

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noveltealover 01.08.2020, 17:45:47

Marilyn Lucero, Thank you so much for your compliment especially from a talented writer like yourself with so many finished works hehe. Even though my protagonists are teenagers (even when I'm no longer one hah), it makes me happy to hear that you can find someone/something relateable in the story. Also that's really cool that you used to be or you're a part of a singing group! ^_^

Alda Alda 26.07.2020, 04:54:06

Seems pretty interesting story, keep it up...

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noveltealover 29.07.2020, 16:19:48

Alda Alda, Aww thank you so much for your comment, Alda! It makes me happy to hear that you're liking the story so far and that you plan to read it to the last chapter. I really appreciate it :) I'm glad that you can also connect with my main character because that's what I hope anyone reading this story would be able to relate to. I was a shy and quiet girl back when I was a student too, but not to the extreme where I was afraid of people or strangers. Anyway, have a lovely day/night, take care & stay safe out there! ♡

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