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Four Seasons of Rainy Days


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music, mental health, romance and friendship


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Ongoing: 04 Jul 55 pages

Publication: 24.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Four Seasons of Rainy Days"

When seventeen-year-old Lành (a.k.a. Renée a.k.a. Raini) Ðang and eighteen-year-old Patrick (a.k.a. Tripp) Wiley cross paths more than once, they never expect their lives to change in extraordinary ways. They meet in summer, become friends in autumn, confess their feelings in winter and fall in love in spring.

Both of them have experienced hardships in their lives. For Raini, three years have passed since she fell in and out of love with a homeless teenage painter & heroin addict. For Tripp, three years have passed since he escaped an abusive household, fell out of love with drugs and fistfights and fell in love with music.

Over the span of four seasons, Raini and Tripp will navigate the ups and downs of friendship, love, and loss.

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