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Fragile Love

AJ Deavy

Story about:billionaire romance

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Publication: 26.12.2020 — ...

Description of book "Fragile Love"

Arrogant billionaire Romance
Myra a spoiled brat, Ryan an arrogant billionaire, family rivalries. Will they be rivals or will they succumb to their attraction. A murder who's responsible?
"I'm melting in your arms, I can't take it anymore". Myra moaned.
"Oh! You have to, we're just getting started". A husky voice whispered in her ear. Myra nobody could control her, but now she was loosing control. Her body and mind was mush in the hands of the husky voice. She couldn't control her body but desperate to dominate by urges. Will she dominate or surrender herself. A saga of love hate love with twists and turns. A roller coaster ride of emotions. Every moment full of love hate, humour, emotions dwindling no respite. It will leave you mind boggling. A billionaire Romance .......

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Dream of books 23.01.2021, 05:03:59

please update soon I really want to know more about them how they kept relationship with not involving their parents great right update soon really waiting

Dream of books 20.01.2021, 20:29:19

thank u soooooooooooo much dear I really love your book and my favourite book this is so I will definitely will encourage how many books you wrote dear stay happy stay blessed and write more books in future I really wish to read your books

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Dream of books 23.01.2021, 04:52:41

AJ Deavy, definitely I will support you

Dream of books 20.01.2021, 20:48:32

I think by fighting they should get more closer so their friends will also know so I think it's better right I love your book soo much update soon really waiting and take care

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AJ Deavy 22.01.2021, 21:39:27

Dream of books, The update of today will solve your question. Do comment, how you liked or didn't like. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Stay blessed and stay safe. Happy reading.

Dream of books 19.01.2021, 11:56:55

update soon please

Dream of books 14.01.2021, 17:38:18

chapter 13 updates

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AJ Deavy 16.01.2021, 18:19:13

Dream of books, Hello, lovely reader, chapter 13 has been updated. Do read and comment. Thanks, Happy reading!

Dream of books 05.01.2021, 18:10:49

make long chapters please

The last comment in the thread:

AJ Deavy 05.01.2021, 19:19:09

Dream of books, Okay, sure will do. Thanks for commenting. Happy reading!

Rajkrishika Rajkrishika 02.01.2021, 11:17:55

it's good to read

The last comment in the thread:

AJ Deavy 02.01.2021, 11:20:32

Rajkrishika Rajkrishika, Thank you so much for liking till now. Stay connected. Happy reading!!

AJ Deavy 02.01.2021, 11:04:43

Hello lovely reader, chapter 8 has been updated!! Happy reading ❤️

Dream of books 30.12.2020, 13:36:17

so now our Myra will enter right huraahh I am happy

The last comment in the thread:

AJ Deavy 01.01.2021, 17:58:42

Dream of books, Happy New Year!! READ about "Our Myra" just now updated. Do comment what you liked and what not. Happy reading!!!

Sharanya Nayak 30.12.2020, 19:30:12

The story is good?

The last comment in the thread:

AJ Deavy 01.01.2021, 17:57:08

Sharanya Nayak, Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for your appreciation!!

AJ Deavy 30.12.2020, 12:02:44

Hello my lovely readers, hope you're doing fine. Just now added new chapters, hope you all will like, if like reading it then be sure to give it a star, if not then to do comment. What things you didn't like, this will help in improvise. Happy reading.

AJ Deavy 30.12.2020, 09:18:19

Hello, wonderful people, if you're enjoying reading, then hit the like button. Every like counts, your every like is valuable. Thanks, happy reading

Leahgisselle 29.12.2020, 16:56:14

interesting ❤️

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Leahgisselle 29.12.2020, 22:22:37

AJ Deavy, you're welcome ❤️❤️

Dream of books 29.12.2020, 07:20:14

hey where is Myra please tell me Myra is main lady lead right

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AJ Deavy 29.12.2020, 08:14:24

Dream of books, Hello, lovely reader hope you're doing fine, thanks for commenting. This means these chapters has piqued your interest.
Myra will come when her time arrives, lets see who will be the choice of Mr. Ryan Merico, he will decide after all its his love interest right, whom he thinks to be irresistible. The story has just started stay connected, for your answer. Happy reading.

AJ Deavy 28.12.2020, 15:48:55

Hello readers hope you're enjoying reading nove till nowl. Then give star ? to it to show appreciation of work. If not do comment what you didn't like. Happy reading ??

AJ Deavy 27.12.2020, 14:44:10

Hello my lovely readers, hope everyone is good. Are you liking what you're reading. If the answer is yes, then do give star, and comment. what do you feel of Tina's character? Do comment, I will adding your names. Happy reading everyone.

AJ Deavy 26.12.2020, 16:08:08

This is my first novel for the ongoing contest, if you like then give a star, if not, do comment.

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