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Book. "Fragmented Family: Book One" read online

Fragmented Family: Book One


Series: The Hunters and the Hunted

Story about:two sister, torn apart

6 751

#297 in Young adult
#99 in LGBT

Complete 43 pages

Publication: 25.07.2022 — 16.02.2023

Description of book "Fragmented Family: Book One"

Two hundred years into the future on a soon-to-come Pangea called Acirema, the population is divided into two groups controlled by a system created by the long-gone government to control population levels: the Hunters and Hunted. Gathering with their kindred, one was to hunt, kidnap, torture, and kill, while the other was to hide and seek to avenge those deceased.
Races, religions, and law enforcement are no more. You must depend on your own kind to guide and protect you. At birth, you're given a symbol representing your creed: an arrow for the Hunters, a target for the Hunted. Hunters get a chip inserted in their ear and taught through the AKSK program. Hunted are given two devices they are taught to use from a young age. Life goes on as it was, but with fewer boundaries and more danger.


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