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Book. "Friendship and Love" read online

Friendship and Love


Story about:love, fantasy, orgasm

Age restriction: 18+

20 302

#75 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy
#64 in Urban life

On Hold: 15 Oct 77 pages

Publication: 15.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Friendship and Love"

All human beings in nature are gifted with certain organ system from which waves of desires and fantasy start springing up. Such kinds of waves of desires, wishes and wills should have proper direction towards the attainment of success in making dream a reality. Boys always aspire for getting company of their dream girls and girls continue searching to gain a hold upon their partner for whom her dreams , wills and wishes are taking shapes.
It is expected that this publication will provide the fellow youths to explore the world through which they have to move on for materializing their ambitions. We are aware of the fact that people meet each other in society with quite oneness due to growth in the multiplural character of the grown ou cities as well as of blooming ones. Youths of opposite


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