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Fuckboy's Sidechick

Alexis Dee

Story about:badboy, heartbreak, bullying

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Publication: 02.08.2020 — 23.09.2020

Description of book "Fuckboy's Sidechick"

"Come on, don't be so shy." he pulled me back in his lap, the contact between our bodies was oddly terrifying. He knew the type of girl I was and I expected him to take it slow.

"Tucker please someone will see us." I looked around in fear, how can he be so chill about it while his parents and sister were at home. If his father sees us like this, we are dead.

"Lemme see your body." he whispered in my ear and my body contracted, I wasn't used to such wordings, damn I hadn't seen couples kissing in movies.

"Tucker, not now." I tried to pull myself away from him but he was holding me tightly. I felt him breathing on my neck and it didn't feel right.

"Tucker stop." everything escalated when he grabbed my face and forced me to turn my neck to him so he can kiss me.

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Ritika Gupta 29.08.2020, 13:00:03

pleaseeeeeeeee update

Sarah Adefemisoye 29.08.2020, 11:27:05

This story is wonderful, I hope she finally realize that it Steven she loves and not tucker...And Steven should forgive her now. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Sweety Singh 29.08.2020, 08:21:42

add some more chapters plz

Layla Inaya khan 28.08.2020, 11:58:43

Update soon please ans long chapters.

Layla Inaya khan 28.08.2020, 10:28:13

Update more u have reduced updating much.

Tommy Yomz 28.08.2020, 02:18:49

Omg, please update soon. Hope Steven and Ellie end up together.

Layla Inaya khan 27.08.2020, 20:53:21

Please update moree...

Elsa anderson 27.08.2020, 18:38:21

Plzzz can you do two updates daily if feasible? ❤️

Elsa anderson 27.08.2020, 18:37:51

Oooooooooo! Steven's trying to jealous both sid n Giselle. Noicceee

Ritika Gupta 27.08.2020, 16:14:45

I am feeling bad for Elle. I want Elle and Steven to be together. I hope Steven doesn't fall in Love with Dina. Dina and Sid are good together.

Akriti Dangwal 27.08.2020, 14:20:25

i really wanna see wht will happn next...wht will Sid and Elle do nxt ...i knw its not esy for Steven to forgive Elle....but i m kinda.. having sympathy with her....

Akriti Dangwal 27.08.2020, 13:25:20

oh man....i wanted to see Dina and Steven now i m feelbad for Elle

Puja Pawar 27.08.2020, 12:32:14

Update plz

Layla Inaya khan 27.08.2020, 11:54:18

Update more chapters.

divya sri 27.08.2020, 11:16:32

Iam eagerly waiting for next ones

Akriti Dangwal 27.08.2020, 09:49:14

she is seriously no..she will see the difference when Tucker abandon her agin...nd she'll left alone

Layla Inaya khan 27.08.2020, 07:38:12

Updates please

Akriti Dangwal 26.08.2020, 22:12:23 was jst a imagination...oh girlll

Akriti Dangwal 26.08.2020, 22:08:14

that's like a girl....she should hav said this...early to tucker

Akriti Dangwal 26.08.2020, 20:58:00

Giselle is so she knows that...she dnt hav any chance...thn. why she doin that... Lauren is so clever...she is emotionally blackmailing her. ...woww nd so stupid of her... that she believes that.. tucker will love her..nd betraying her nd frnd even her own self

Layla Inaya khan 26.08.2020, 19:52:52

Update more. I want Gisele and Steven together.

farhanatu abubakar 26.08.2020, 19:08:22

absolutely right thing Giselle do by not telling her b.f please update soon, you may not know but your book bring smile to my face.

Swe et Biya 26.08.2020, 14:30:59

all he is trying to jealous giselle hehehe :P

divya sri 26.08.2020, 13:14:47

It was awesome and iam eagerly waiting for next one

divya sri 26.08.2020, 11:37:27

plz update next one asap

May L 26.08.2020, 07:02:22

Author you sure like to make cliffhanger here please oh please update what just happen here!

Layla Inaya khan 25.08.2020, 18:32:30

Woww this is suprising. Who could have done that?

tina.r 25.08.2020, 14:16:01

i seriously hate gislle from now on

rubeena bhatt 25.08.2020, 11:37:37

I don't think they are dating.. Even if they are it's better to date dina over giselle anyday... All in all i just hope steven is happy and so is dina... I have never disliked any character as much as i dislike giselle... I believe even tucker and his family have a story, once i thought that his parents might be responsible for giselle parents death n they are keeping her for some major reason obviously tucker is playing with her, he is a selfish prick... But i still don't want to see her suffer...!!

Sonam Sharma 25.08.2020, 10:53:09

m so so so confused right now.what's going on between Steven n Dina ?? I mean seriously Dina n Steven??

Layla Inaya khan 25.08.2020, 10:51:50

I had a feelings they might be dating but that was so quick. I don't know I wanted her to be with Steven they were so cute together.

Layla Inaya khan 25.08.2020, 09:36:29

Update like before. Quick updates to excited to know what's gonna happen next

Layla Inaya khan 25.08.2020, 08:36:59

Heyy please update yesterday only one update for the day to excited

Ri heb 24.08.2020, 21:43:59

oooooooooo iam Sooo angry whyyyyyyyyyyy why why she's soooo stupid , ooo man she deserved that , see the real him please wake up

Ri heb 24.08.2020, 21:31:39

this girl is so fucked up more than Tucker she wants to egnore people and talk to them whenever she wants she's sooo selfish , i don't know how but she sees only this Tucker and she want to everyone loves her because shes nice ooooo come on nooo nooo girl no , u betrayed everyone and u still waiting for taking , give first then u have the right to receive there love and there friendship and attention

Layla Inaya khan 24.08.2020, 19:40:04

One more update for the day please.

Layla Inaya khan 24.08.2020, 12:05:48

This is so confusing who is turker the good guy or the bad guy? I can't understand.

komal sahni 24.08.2020, 11:42:23

I just hate Tucker.... I want Steven and Giselle together

Sonam Sharma 24.08.2020, 11:22:49

Oh God why Tucker's character is so so complicated. I just want to know who is real Tucker what he actually feels about Giselle. Is he just a manipulator or something else?? I don't hate his character but want to know more about him. Update soon pls n next time a long chapter pls.

Layla Inaya khan 24.08.2020, 10:09:55

Updates please

May L 24.08.2020, 07:12:53

hahah thats spirit GIZELLE that how you should respond to him!!! author i love it if you please make it two chapters every day if you can i dont want to make you work you out so much the reason is cause i can not have just one chapter evry day is like torture when is the next chapters going the next day!

Swe et Biya 24.08.2020, 03:11:57

she should ended up with steven

Swe et Biya 24.08.2020, 02:59:14

Gieselle is so stupiddd ughhh

Layla Inaya khan 23.08.2020, 20:25:26

U are the best . Thanks for your update.(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Layla Inaya khan 23.08.2020, 18:50:52

Please try to update another chapter today

Layla Inaya khan 23.08.2020, 15:21:41

Update more chapters super excited to see what's going to happen next.

Sonam Sharma 23.08.2020, 13:05:44

Giselle deserve it. wanna see her heartbroken just like Steven who cared about her but she was so obsessed with Tucker.

Layla Inaya khan 23.08.2020, 12:08:45

Ik Gisele deserves all this but I really want her and Steven to be together they make an amazing pair. But Dina has always stood by him never doubted him and always understood him so if they both end up together that's also fair enough.

Layla Inaya khan 23.08.2020, 10:54:35

Update soon please

May L 23.08.2020, 07:38:52

that was sexy!! STEVEN!

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