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Publication: 16.03.2020 — 20.03.2020

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Description of book "Generation One "

Depleted, challenged, losing control; Ohmlur finds that he has allocated too much privilege to a once-trustworthy assistant.

Desperate to identify and redefine his purpose, Ermun agrees to assist in the process of re-empowerment, along with exposing Ohmlur's latest, unique species to his home territory of elemental saturation.

Though questionably successful in his tasks, Ohmlur is faced with a timeline of savagery, consumption, and vulnerability. Unable to rely on ideals of peace and defensive traits offered by the land, The Designer resorts to requesting a clean slate from the Souls of the earth.


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Andrew Nobriga
16.03.2020, 14:27:45

please update soon

16.03.2020, 15:38:44

Two more chapters coming today ;)

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