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Gerig and the Kingdom of Dwarfs

PJ Lowry

Story about:fantasy, dwarfs, long journey

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#106 in Epic fantasy
#295 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 26 pages

Publication: 25.05.2019 — 15.07.2019

Description of book "Gerig and the Kingdom of Dwarfs"

Gerig is just your average peasant, working hard to harvest the fields that feed the lord of his kingdom. Things are the same as always until he finds something weird in on of his traps. His name is Merrec, a dwarf from another land. Gerig has never seen a dwarf before, but the little man is scared, alone and afraid of being captured and turned into a freak show to please kings and queens. Unwilling to let the dwarf fend for himself, Gerig takes him home and tends to his wounds. Unable to walk, Gerig decides to take Marrec home himself, to the undiscovered Kingdom of the Dwarfs.

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