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Book. "Getting Him Back" read online

Getting Him Back

Rose Sam

Story about:love, betrayal, friendships

Age restriction: 18+

5 27

#86 in Urban life
#138 in Inspiration romance

On Hold: 24 May 28 pages

Publication: 15.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Getting Him Back"

Vanessa had just one option and that's to gamble to get her mom's medical bill.
Somehow, she was tricked into using her boyfriend as collateral and as fate would play on her, she lost which means losing her boyfriend.
Lousi was disappointed that Vanessa had to sell him just like that after all the love they shared. Though he was disappointed, he still loves her but what can he do, he felt betrayed.
Vanessa did not want to hear she has lost her boyfriend so she would do anything to get him back even though he doesn't love her anymore.
GETTING HIM BACK centered on friendship, Love and betrayal.


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