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Ghost of you


Story about:
lost love, darkness, death and loss


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#196 in Short stories
#88 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 14 pages

Publication: 27.01.2020 — 26.05.2020

Description of book "Ghost of you"

Till death do us part. Is that where a marriage ends for you? Not for John after he loses his wife in a tragic accident he is willing to do anything to get her back even if it means doing the impossible. Even if it means losing his life.

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Ryo Francis 25.06.2020, 19:19:57

(1). Wow — that was a good read. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks :)
(2). Story is easy to read, Love the short chapters & your book cover is so cool

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Ivu 26.06.2020, 10:11:00

Ryo Francis, Thank you

Tuttera Sheyi Janat 01.02.2020, 12:11:56

l love it

The last comment in the thread:

Ivu 01.02.2020, 13:54:34

Tuttera Sheyi Janat, thank you more is to come

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