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Gibbous Moon


Series: Shifter Saga

Story about:supernatural, werewolves, romance

Age restriction: 18+

100 446

#56 in Urban fantasy
#328 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 16 Aug 165 pages

Publication: 15.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Gibbous Moon"

All I ever wanted was to make my father proud. But after his funeral, everything changed. I tried to hide from the expectations of following in his footsteps and taking on the family responsibilities because in his life he had been respected and even feared. My father had also been the Alpha of Windsor and I was his only son.
What I desired, was to outrun the bloodline that made us who we were. I wanted a normal life with a regular nine to five job and people who didn't always expect me to guide them through the confusing world we lived in when I could barely figure out my own. But the past has a way of reminding you where you should be going. And the wolf blood in my veins was howling in warning when I thought it was calling me home.


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17.08.2020, 05:51:02

Hmm, I can't remember where I last left off review-wise from about a month ago but as of now, I just finished Ch 10! :) Loving the banter between Geoff & KJ and it always makes me chuckle hahah. Ooh, it's neat how we get to see a bit more of Geoff's gift. So, he can share his memories with another person? That's really handy since he showed Alex his memories of when he was at the bar with KJ & encountered those strays. I like some of the new characters, Sheila & Jess that are introduced too when Geoff & KJ went out to the woods & beach for the day. Also, from what I spotted in Ch 8, is KJ's given name Kaje? :3 Anyway, back to Ch 10 which I liked a lot! Oof, looks like Geoff has it bad for Sonya since he seems to lose all his senses and wit around her ahaha, but understandable if she's supposedly his mate ;P I also wonder if she's one of their kind but guess I'll have to keep reading to find out! His dinner with the Thornes should be interesting haha.

24.08.2020, 21:36:34

Shadowriter, You're welcome!! :D I agree & I think physical books will stick around for a long time unlike CDs or DVDs... haha. And ooh thanks for confirming! I figured as much just from the meaning of 'sire' hahah. xD And understandable that Wolfen (I like this term for your werewolves!) still follow some of their old customs/traditions. :P And it's cool how we get to learn more about Geoff's seer abilities alongside him. Can Wolfen send their thoughts to any other Wolfen? Or is it restricted to members in a pack? Although, I know Geoff isn't officially in the pack yet but he does have a history with Alex & KJ since they're his friends. Yeah, I like the chemistry between all the characters so far! And of course! I'm loving the story a lot so thanks for sharing your story with us! ^_^

29.06.2020, 04:35:01

Hi there! Okay, I'll just warn you that I ramble a lot when it comes to sharing my thoughts which are usually all over the place, but I'll first say that I was pleasantly surprised to see mentions of some of the provinces in Canada cuz I'm also Canadian hahah. Never traveled to SK but I've traveled to Banff, AB once as a teen. Whoops, sorry that was totally off topic but it's cool to see mentions of your country in a story so yeah. :) And I'm guilty of adding your story to my want-to-read at the time when the cover was blue with the moon and trees which I personally liked best, but that's just my measly two cents haha. Anyway, I thought the first chapter was great! Just based off Ch 1 alone, I like your descriptions and narrative too. I especially liked this line: "All things are connected in symphony of life and death. Everything on this earth borrowed energy that flowed in unique patterns, weaving intricate melodies that we referred to as our songs. And staying in tune with our wolf blood connected our very spirits to the earth itself." To conclude my tangent here (cuz there's a word limit, go figure lol), looking forward to reading more when I can so keep it up! :)

03.07.2020, 01:56:12

Shadowriter, After leaving my comments yesterday, when I saw the more recent comment was on top, I was like 'ok cool...looks like they sort by most recent if you reply to the same comment more than once. good to know' LOL. And yeah your reworking paid off! I didn't feel overwhelmed by all the info so far but that might just be me. If I spot any info dumps in future chapters, I'll let you know! :) Oh, even tho the other site is pretty inactive in terms of interactions, I made some great online friends there so it made my time on it worthwhile. ^^ Sometimes I'm surprised that I even have the energy to sit in front of my laptop to write over the weekend after alrdy working full-time at a computer all week hahah. Then again I'm taking a break from writing anyway and plan to post all the chapters I've written so far eventually. :P

Amy Elizabeth Sisson Riberdy
01.06.2020, 01:31:05

Keep going. This is exciting

04.06.2020, 15:43:52

Amy Elizabeth Sisson Riberdy, Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot to me that you enjoy it more than anyone

Amy Elizabeth Sisson Riberdy
01.06.2020, 01:34:58

just the right amount of humour

04.06.2020, 15:43:15

Amy Elizabeth Sisson Riberdy, Thanks! This has been my longest-running work so I'm trying to pull it out of its adolescent stages with a nice balance. Much lighter than Angel's Teir but hey it started as a fan-fiction and morphed into something bigger!

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