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Giving in to Temptation

Binibining Daesteen

Story about:billionaire loves, living in sin, loving you till it hurts.

Age restriction: 18+

6 34

#5751 in Romance
#1993 in Billionaires

On Hold: 05 Nov 11 pages

Publication: 30.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Giving in to Temptation"

A dashing, filthy, mysterious man Drake Matthew enters the life of the passionate, kind but fierce and messed up Georgina. Will she plays with fire and bite the temptation or will she able to resist the heat the billionaire man gives? Georgina just wanted to have a decent work and perhaps if given a chance be employed in a big company and support her family. Find the right guy and have a family on their own. Very simple isn’t it? Not until he crossed path with the mysterious, dashing and filthy rich man that would build the complexities of her very simple life.
Maybe the odds are against the path that she likes to take. I guess the ones who want to take it the simple way ironically will somehow lead into the difficult ones.
When one thing in life you hate becomes you, what will you do?


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