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Giving love a chance

Thea G

Story about:romance betrayal secrets

Age restriction: 18+

11 26

#1934 in Billionaires
#5649 in Romance

On Hold: 21 Dec 13 pages

Publication: 05.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Giving love a chance"

He moved close to me, while pressing his lower body near me. His member rubbed me from the movement he was creating and i almost moaned from the contact.
He lowered his head, looked at my lips and then to my eyes, and for a moment i could have sworn i saw desire in his eyes.
"You're mine, i bought you, you had a price, like the whore you always were, don't you ever forget that."
Bibiana Thomson's life was the life of every normal girl, but even she had skeletons hidden in her closet. Her past threatens to blow up in her face, especially with him around.
Quincy Brown was your average type of play boy. Billionaire CEO,always had plenty of women around him. He never believed in love, courtesy of the beautiful red head that still haunted his biggest desires.His revenge was long overdue.


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