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Gladio : The Survival Game

The Scarlett

Story about:futuristic world, trapped inside a game, action scifi

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#2 in LitRPG
#9 in Action fantasy

Ongoing: 04 May 2 pages

Publication: 04.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Gladio : The Survival Game "

It's year 2725. Evan Anderson is in his last year of graduation. He is smart, decisive & has cheerful personality. Together with his 6 friends, he liked to play games, that gives very real gaming experience.

One day, new game released in market. Only after 2 months, 32% peoples on earth brought it & played regularly. It was huge success for that company & things were great. Until one day, all players got trapped inside it. Game company tried to do everything, but it was of no use.

Now, if those who trapped inside, wants to return in real world, they have to defeat most power villain in this game - 'Akira'. But it's not an easy task, because she was too powerful that players gave her name- 'Invincible Woman.'

(This story also have very romantic & sweet love story. So don't skip it...!)


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O.J Ebubeoha
04.05.2021, 09:51:56

I want to commend you for putting your story up dear. It is a big step and I appreciate you for taking it. Have fun will writing it too.

O.J Ebubeoha
04.05.2021, 09:51:56

The Scarlett, You are most welcome.

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