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Please Nick I'm begging you let's try and work things out you can't do this to Liam and I", I say as I'm on my knees and beg him but he doesn't even look at me and pushes me and I land flat on my butt just then Liam rushes in and shouts"daddy don't hurt mommy I'm the one that drew on your papers and not her, I'm so sorry daddy please forgive me",my baby cries and my heart shatters." I'm not your father you little twit don't you ever call me that!", Nick yells and my baby and I get up and slap him right across the face"don't you ever talk to my son like that you son of a bitch he's just a child!",I yell at him .He slaps me so hard I fall to the ground", Yes he is a child but he isn't mine!",he shouts at me and walks away.

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Dezrene Gardner 05.03.2021, 01:40:50

she is a bitch she knew what she was doing

Divija Muppidi 04.03.2021, 20:27:52

if all she wanted to do was save her child by having Nick's baby then there's a thing called ivf. I've never seen more stupid, impulsive and indecisive character as hers. She literally CHEATED on her FIANCE with her douche bag of an EX. Plain stupid and brainless are the words which perfectly describe her character. I don't know why I'm getting all worked up for a piece of fiction but this shows the author's capability of drawing you in and keeping you invested in it along with them.

Star queen 25.02.2021, 15:27:13

what where is update huh...

Annalyn V. Fernandez 20.02.2021, 06:13:41

cant she find other way to heal her daughter? maybe she just want to be with his bastard husband.

Sofia Godwin 20.02.2021, 04:43:19

She is so stupid gosh who thinks like dat

Twinkle iii 19.02.2021, 13:11:30


Dezrene Gardner 18.02.2021, 23:13:04

omg at first I loved this girl but now she is a total bitch I know her child need that help but come on man to sleep with that fucker again plz she is a fucking idiot Luciano should just dump her stupid ass and I bet she is already pregnant and don't know it i really hate her

Twinkle iii 15.02.2021, 13:27:32

she is stupid....a literal ...I don't have words for her....they all did right by leaving her....what can one do when u urself decide to die

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Divija Muppidi 18.02.2021, 19:28:26

Twinkle iii, oh dear!! These were exactly the words I was gonna type, then I saw your comment. She's a dumbo. Luciano deserves a girl who's 100% better than her. Her dad's right. She takes impulsive decisions and fucks everything up.

Star queen 18.02.2021, 17:44:30

all things are just hell. what happened to her???? how could she do this??
I'm telling now if Nick backstab her I'm not gonna read more.

Swe et Biya 18.02.2021, 17:35:13

now please make luciano stay away from her. he is not born to take care of her childrens...such a stupid girl

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Maz Ahmed 18.02.2021, 17:39:25

Swe et Biya, Same here she doesnt deserve luciano

Swe et Biya 18.02.2021, 17:34:19

I hate lotus

Dezrene Gardner 13.02.2021, 22:44:46

wtf? is she really thinking about going back to that cheater? doesn't she have any sense?KMFT

Maz Ahmed 13.02.2021, 18:45:07

I bet that keith isnt his son when he finds the blood type

Adewunmi Fakorede 09.02.2021, 20:16:14

Which second chance? What happened to the first one he was given and ruined?.I beg let the lady move on with Ricci, please...

Dezrene Gardner 09.02.2021, 12:41:02


Alora 08.02.2021, 17:08:45

ahh I don't want lotus and Nick to be together again how can he say sorry and think about it to be together again easily after doing all this things to her I prefer Luciano . I really hope Luciano and lotus to be together , they Love each other

Annalyn V. Fernandez 08.02.2021, 13:04:31

she has a good life in italy why complicate it now?

Dezrene Gardner 04.02.2021, 16:32:48

writer you could never have the idea of putting them back together all when Keith is not his child no way plz that cannot happen she could even be pregnant right now

udhaybir shahi 04.02.2021, 11:41:01

no please don't even think about it.he never loved you. he cheated you. please marry to Luciano

Maz Ahmed 21.01.2021, 10:50:12

Wouldn’t it be nice Lotus’s adopted son could be the rude sexy lost long son..wink wink

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Maz Ahmed 31.01.2021, 19:40:16

Ginah, Thanks anything to help you.

Dream of books 24.01.2021, 15:53:08

yesss they both like each other

Dezrene Gardner 16.01.2021, 13:55:21

I am not feeling Luciano

The last comment in the thread:

Ginah 17.01.2021, 09:21:10

Dezrene Gardner, what type of person is he , in your opinion?

Priya Goyal 09.01.2021, 15:49:23

Pls update...?

Dream of books 04.01.2021, 07:38:26

I want Luciano to be more powerful and business man and more rich than her and give us a point of view from him

Annalyn V. Fernandez 03.01.2021, 13:07:29

i am enjoying this story.

Maz Ahmed 01.01.2021, 19:54:21

Brilliant start!

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Ginah 01.01.2021, 20:36:44

Maz Ahmed, I hope so as well, they say no one can forget their first love but I hope she finds love somewhere else

Dream of books 30.12.2020, 13:24:35

heyyy please update daily atleast two chapters a day please I beg u please update please

The last comment in the thread:

Ginah 01.01.2021, 20:05:13

Dream of books, I'll update as often as I can

Priya Goyal 31.12.2020, 06:19:24

Pls update's too good❤️

The last comment in the thread:

Ginah 31.12.2020, 08:09:42

Priya Goyal, thank you and I'll update as many times as I can

Marion Ann Finn 30.12.2020, 13:59:10

Loving the book so far. When is the next update

Dezrene Gardner 30.12.2020, 13:32:41

make you hit it from time to time because she loves you? you are so arrogant but there is a sad surprise waiting you

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