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Publication: 17.09.2020 — 13.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Gold in Her Heart"

Swentin Lee, CEO of Goldiluxe, is in a pickle. He only wants to buy one particular piece of land, but the owner, Gao Ye Fang, wants him to marry his daughter instead. Cindy Gao seems to be a frivolous, self-centered girl---or is she? Because the more Swentin gets to know her, the more he suspects Cindy is not what she is. Worse, he seems to be falling for her, whoever she is.


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Tania Islam
10.07.2021, 17:42:57

Epilogue 2 hints that there might be a sequel to this book. Will it be free?

Ginnie S Chua
30.10.2021, 18:29:41

Tania Islam, Sequel coming. Thank you for waiting.

Tania Islam
10.07.2021, 03:23:34

This book is amazing. A genuine love story. No unnecessary twists and turns. I couldn’t break myself from the story. I had to stay up the whole night to finish this book in one go. Everything about this book is great. Thank you author for giving us such an amazing work.I am waiting for your next story. Love from me.

Plume Alter
30.01.2021, 19:57:36

Wow. I've read Chapter 1 and I'm absolutely hooked! I'll read more of
this over the weekend. Good job!!!

29.01.2021, 13:39:11

I love, love, love your book. It's well written, the characters are vivid, so much so I can see them sitting around the table doing various things. There are parts of it that remind me of Cinderella and the Four Knights. These are the people I envision when I read your book! Also, love the glossary bits, and the humour you've interspersed. Can't wait to read more!

Ginnie S Chua
29.01.2021, 16:49:27

SESaunders, Thank you very much for appreciating my book. Your words are very encouraging.
I haven't watched that K-drama. I used to be updated with C and K dramas. Unfortunately the last I watched was 'Hotel de Luna' last year. I'll check it out.

24.09.2020, 16:10:40

I love it, keep it up author

Ginnie S Chua
26.09.2020, 15:01:20

Moanaro, Thank you. Updates are once a week.

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