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Publication: 20.08.2020 — 20.08.2020

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Tim's death throws his family off balance and leaves them in a miserable state. His father is trying to put himself together and his mother is already apart. His best friend is also not in a good state. As investigations go on to find out who the killer is, a shocking revelation is revealed leaving everyone appalled.


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Alix Davenport 06.11.2020, 00:34:36

Ok, this was a very dark read. Kinda creepy to be honest. But essentially very good and worth the time. Yes, there were a few mistakes which could be caught during a thorough editing process to make the story even better, no worries, Ruphina, you'll get it done. But all in all a dangerously real topic of how actions and words can make people do things they shouldn't. How the mind can be selective and only focus on a small detail or moment in time rather than the larger picture. Read it, that's all I can say.

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Ruphina Raphael 06.11.2020, 12:27:41

Alix Davenport, You are so kind, I am sorry about the deletion of the previous comment. I'd be more careful next time.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I appreciate ♥️❣️

Marilyn Lucero 12.09.2020, 02:37:23

Hooking first chapters!

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Marilyn Lucero 29.09.2020, 12:52:31

Ruphina Raphael, my pleasure!

Ryo Francis 23.08.2020, 05:18:43

(1). U writes in the present tense — just like me. :)
(2). Spelling errors — forgivness, decteted.
(3). I think u meant 911 or the police not FBI.
(4). Like the mystery element in your story, but it was too bleak and heartbreaking.
(5). Overall, it's a good read. Keep it up.

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Ruphina Raphael 23.08.2020, 13:11:37

Ryo Francis, I also love happy endings too but most times I tend to switch it up. ☺️
Vector Alpha and Mystic the Gathering are already in my library, I'll read them soon and I would definitely check out other works of yours.

Thank you.

Ruphina Raphael 21.08.2020, 06:26:30

Thank you so so much.
I am really happy that you enjoyed reading this story and you also understood the title (^‿^).
This story was actually written a few months back and about my inspiration, nothing really inspired me it was more of a figment of my imagination being written down, ha ?.
Yeah, I had always wanted to try writing and exploring different genre and I am really glad that you enjoyed this.
You're really are a wonderful person, noveltealover and I'd totally be writing more mystery/suspense stories in the future ❤️

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noveltealover 21.08.2020, 16:43:02

Ruphina Raphael, You're welcome! ^_^ And yes, the meaning behind the title is so sad :'(( And ohh I see! So you wrote this a while ago and it was just all from your imagination :D It reminded me of the TV series, American Horror Story, so you definitely got the dark and frightening vibes down. And awesome, so you'll write more mystery/suspense stories in the future hehe. And awwh, you are a wonderful person too, Ruphina ♡

noveltealover 21.08.2020, 04:22:11

Ahh omg what a dark read! :OO First off, oooh, I now understand the meaning of the title and second, I love the cover! (I'll keep this review vague to prevent spoilers, but your writing was gripping and it kept me on edge to find out what happened next. This story was also very sad and I feel so sad for both Wendie & Tim T_T). Also, am I allowed to ask what inspired you to write this story? Maybe it's because the mood of My Perfect Place & Granted Wishes are soo different xD Anyway, it's awesome how you write more than one genre. If you ever write more mystery/suspense stories in the future, I'd totally read it! :))

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