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Guarding the Badboy


Story about:mafia dark romance, beast, badboy

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Ongoing: 15 Jun 40 pages

Publication: 30.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Guarding the Badboy"

Everybody wants to be protected. Everybody wants to be secured. In every story, if you are one of those "important" people, your life will be filled with threats so there are people around you to protect you, the guardians. Sometimes, or almost always, the damsel in distress is always the one being protected. Dreaming of their "Prince Charming" or maybe a "Knight in Shining Armor"

...but now, I will prove to you that a woman can also protect an "important" person... only that...

...he's a badboy. I am guarding the badboy and this is my story.


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30.04.2021, 13:59:55

yay!! my author is back!! I am liking it
keep writing ...stay safe

02.05.2021, 10:04:58

DreamerM, Thank you for the continuous support to my stories *o* I'm sorry if each of them are spread from platform to platform. I really want to venture out my stories to other platforms to reach other audiences. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Please always let me know if you are having a hard time to access these stories so I can assist you. Once again, thank you and stay safe as well ^^

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