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Guns and Roses

myra ismail

Story about:dark past, strong female lead, mafia

Age restriction: 18+

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#1557 in Romance
#638 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 19 Apr 4 pages

Publication: 16.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Guns and Roses"

Esha Varma, an assassin working in the underworld is set to meet her mirror image, Vikrant Roy, a CEO of one of the most successful companies and the King of the underworld with a dark past that haunts till this very day. As love and respect increases for each other, another element starts breaking down, trust.....will they be able to overcome all obstacles and lead a happy life or will they end up being broken beyond repair? Read the book and find out!

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myra ismail
20.04.2022, 16:32:34

guys please do comment if you want me to continue this book....and do tell me to improve if u find it boring as it is my first book:)

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