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Half Hope, Half Love


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Ongoing: 21 Jul 68 pages

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Description of book "Half Hope, Half Love "

Eight years working your butt off for someone you love, only to watch them fall in love with your own sister and propose a marriage by your help, is not something everyone have guts for, to do.

Follow the journey of Heath Evercrest and Hazel Scarlett, as Hazel struggles to put up with her employer's sudden unexpected odd request, while her own heart threatens to betray her sooner or later, in her own quest.

Please read full summary inside.

Warning: Contains mature content/sexual themes in the later chapters.

Copyright Ritika Verma © 2019

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bimla gupta 26.07.2020, 16:28:02

update please can't wait more

Victoria Harbour 24.07.2020, 13:53:48

nice. new chapters?

lily97000 21.07.2020, 12:01:52

PS: Follow me on my Instagram account ritika_verma_970000 and oppa_fan_forever for further updates to the story. Thank you.

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lily97000 21.07.2020, 11:20:35

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lily97000 21.07.2020, 11:09:28

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sangeeta rana 24.11.2019, 07:08:18

Please update this book. I'm dying to know what happens next

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp 20.09.2019, 20:08:37

up date plz.

Satnam Narang 19.09.2019, 15:21:48


Sandra Obas 29.08.2019, 14:55:29

I love this book

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lily97000 29.08.2019, 17:46:54

Thanks a lot!

Marilu Garing-Gasmin 18.08.2019, 10:33:16

interesting hope Heath will love Scarlet

The last comment in the thread:

lily97000 18.08.2019, 14:09:50

Thanks a lot!

Marilu Garing-Gasmin 18.08.2019, 11:06:37

nice intriguing

Mam Kekie Kekie 17.08.2019, 03:34:26

i love the story so..... very much. the writer is so good

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lily97000 17.08.2019, 20:45:26

Thank you very much ❤

Marilu Garing-Gasmin 17.08.2019, 00:03:01

love the start intriguing

asus grace 09.08.2019, 09:59:49

I wish you update this and the other piece of reading your work..I'm excited to read this in.full and the other one too..keep writing...I'm a fan of yours...

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lily97000 10.08.2019, 12:43:10

Thank you very much!

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp 23.07.2019, 19:44:18

very good can't wait for next update.

Athena Bock 14.07.2019, 18:42:54

I'm going to start it right now

Dorothy Obeng 04.05.2019, 17:53:18

nice i loved it

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lily97000 04.05.2019, 20:58:34

Thanks! ❤

Krystal 30.04.2019, 20:47:41

update pls

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lily97000 30.04.2019, 21:17:04

Thanks for reading. I will update soon

Kessily Brunet 27.04.2019, 15:12:49

glad to be able to read it

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Kessily Brunet 28.04.2019, 21:10:53

lily97000 , sure, I will

Lucile Savino 26.04.2019, 23:04:20

such a beautiful story

The last comment in the thread:

lily97000 26.04.2019, 23:12:18

Lucile Savino, thank you!

Tirhani Mathebula Peggy Mitileni 25.04.2019, 23:15:11

So loving the story dear n waiting

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lily97000 26.04.2019, 00:08:06

Tirhani Mathebula Peggy Mitileni, thank you very very much! hope you read my other book "for his sake" as well ❤

A. Neeson 25.04.2019, 16:12:28

great, continue

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lily97000 25.04.2019, 16:13:08

A. Neeson, Hey thanks a lot for reading!

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