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Half of you, Vulcan!


Story about:magic, love triangle, amnesia

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Publication: 23.05.2021 — 28.10.2021

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Description of book "Half of you, Vulcan!"

The three ladies (his daughter, maid and lover) want a half of him, but seriously, who divides a half into three?

* * *

Athena has given her words to her father that Vulcan, the mortal is better than every god, Zeus, her father formed and proposed that she marry. Because of that, she can't return to her father with shame and regret. She stands her ground, she will fight for who she loves.

The Nymph will not back down, because all her life, she had only been a puppet to Athena's will, and taking her man will be the best comeback.

Prium will not let Vulcan off her hook because she had left every thing she was and had back in the village because of him. Returning to the village is a 'NO'.

And Vulcan? He holds them all in same regard...


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29.10.2021, 14:10:20

Author here.

Hi, all. We've come to the end of this book. Thanks for walking the journey with me.

Also, your opinions are very much welcomed. What do you think about the story? Thanks.

11.11.2021, 12:44:14

Yinusa Atinuke, thank you, dear.

Yinusa Atinuke
23.06.2021, 10:49:28

A fascinating book on magic and revenge but I hope prium will just burn to ashes because of her stupidity and I hope Vulcan will man up through the remaining chapters he is too cool for my liking

and ps: I need more updates

23.06.2021, 15:19:13

Yinusa Atinuke, Thanks, dear. Why burn Prium to ashes? Lol

23.05.2021, 19:59:06

Author here. Do well to leave a review as you read. Means a lot. And please, follow!

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