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Book. "Happily Ever After " read online

Happily Ever After

Vaishali L S

Story about:a sad childhood, a small love story, problems and love

Age restriction: 18+

24 79

#253 in School
#310 in Short stories

Complete 5 pages

Publication: 09.02.2021 — 09.02.2021

Description of book "Happily Ever After "

A young girl faces troubles in her family. Which leaves her in emotional battles and she's afraid to love someone or to commit herself. Read the story to know more about Samaira. And to see what happens next.


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saiharshitha m s
09.06.2021, 17:40:17

This was fab story author.. ik it was short story yet I was swiping further to read !! this looks so real I guess you should continue this story

Vaishali L S
30.07.2021, 17:49:59

saiharshitha m s, Thank you so much for your valuable words. I'm planning to re write it and make it a whole story.

Megha R Nair
05.03.2021, 08:14:25


Vaishali L S
08.03.2021, 06:38:15

Megha R Nair, ❤❤

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