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Book. "Harem in Post-Apocaliptic World" read online

Harem in Post-Apocaliptic World


Story about:about 23 year old man

Age restriction: 18+

3 56

#30 in Erotic Supernatural
#7 in Post-apocalyptic

On Hold: 28 Oct 15 pages

Publication: 14.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Harem in Post-Apocaliptic World"

Is about a 23-year-old man Contracting an unknown Virus? Doctors try to cure him, but no one knows what the virus is. One of the doctors offers him a way for his family to gain money instead of paying for his medical bills. Jack Gilbert accepts the offer immediately without listening to anything else. The doctor let the team know at the lab, and the team in Washington, D.C,
The most Famous Scientist there AKA Known as Professor Kanon is intrigued by the unknown virus that Jack has Gotten.


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Spencer Ward
28.09.2022, 22:13:33

.... will this be 2 years before the story we are writing....

Spencer Ward
28.09.2022, 22:01:33

so this is what your currently writing..?

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