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Ongoing: 03 May 7 pages

Publication: 16.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Haunted Dreams"

Action fantasy romance…the rise and tides of cursed human fighter, Moihra Asher, the set and determined path of hybrid hunter Tobias Roper…It all started with haunted dreams…

Moihra Asher, a woman lost, angry and afraid with fragmented images of blood streaming down strange faces. Looking into the depths of haunted dreams, all she sees is shadows and lies. She blinked and saw her mirror image casting back at her. Looking collectively into each other’s eyes, what was the truth and what were lies…

Tobias Roper, scared body, ice cold eyes and a touch that leaves a person chilled to the bones, in searched of the bride promised to him, the one woman whose very touch will set his body a flamed. Paths crossed but the destined lovers are fighting their destiny.

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Casey Denver
07.05.2021, 20:31:07

What do you think about this story? Do enlighten

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