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He Who Adores Perfection

Azhan Reies

Story about:adult, billionaire, billionaire love

Age restriction: 18+

12 47

#2035 in Billionaires
#938 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 02 Nov 9 pages

Publication: 25.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "He Who Adores Perfection"

Anderson Industries Corporation, headed by the richest bachelor Knight Blake, is known for its five major rules that manages its workforce.
Rule #1 When Knight calls for you, you should be there within 10 minutes.
Rule #2 When Knight says its your mistake, then it should be your mistake.
Rule #3 When Knight says you are incompetent, prepare to pack up your things
Rule #4 When Knight is present during meetings, avoid errors as much as possible
Rule #5 When Knight says no, then it is a NO.

Everyone heeds to this five rules to avoid getting fired. After all, its minimum wage could pay for a month worth of necessities. However, Shaina Blake doesn't seem to fear such consequences and this amused the Big Boss. Is it good idea to challenge him? Or could Shaina regret her actions?


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