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Publication: 23.09.2020 — 03.10.2020

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Description of book "Healed"

Kiara Seton a Beautiful brunette, 23 years old assassin with a mysterious past comes from Chicago to New York to take her revenge. Everyone calls her blood queen.

Vivian Miller a handsome, dominant, and powerful Mafia Leader in New York. He is 30 years old and a single father of five years old girl. Everyone calls him a dark king. He has promised his late wife that he would never fall in love again but everything changes when he meets Kiara Seton?

What will happen when two fire clashes with each other? Join the revenge love story of Blood Queen and Dark King.

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Maureen Mutahi 21.12.2020, 15:32:03

The novel is epic... sweet love story

Pamela Hardeo 30.10.2020, 09:41:30

love book keep up the good work

Rashi Singh 22.10.2020, 19:03:55

Loved it❤️

shadya said 08.10.2020, 03:00:37

i love it

Blessed Udoh 03.10.2020, 12:52:26

Wow,with twist and turn that kept ones heart beating finally it ends in Love.Thank you

Nkeng Maybell 03.10.2020, 11:17:05

one of the best I've read

A Durgaprashanti 03.10.2020, 10:17:52

awww.....A revenge changed into a beautiful love......! I loved this story a lot.. thanks for giving such a story for us author ........:-)

bharat jio 03.10.2020, 09:28:56

congratulations on completing such wonderful story.. and thank you for updating this quick.
it's good.!
keep writing
all the best

Devyani 03.10.2020, 06:59:44

Thank you Dreamyy for this beautiful story ❤️

Devyani 02.10.2020, 08:33:41

I am sorry but I didn't like the story in the end.
You should not have killed her she and Vivian was the one who was binding my interest to the story.
I really don't have the heart to read it further now.

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Devyani 02.10.2020, 08:54:00

Dreamyy, I know the story is not ending but without Kiara it will be not the same......
But @Dreamyy you are doing great work and its beautiful.....

Amulya Vasan 02.10.2020, 08:46:01

ur an amazing writer its not an ending yet is amazing and will continue

sophia ikona 01.10.2020, 16:19:29

Can't wait for what's gonna happen next

sophia ikona 01.10.2020, 04:10:49

I hope she doesn't kill him but falls in love with him

sophia ikona 01.10.2020, 04:09:59

So interesting

A Durgaprashanti 29.09.2020, 16:57:55

super excited to know what happens afterwards. .....:-)

sophia ikona 29.09.2020, 02:58:06

Next chapter please

Nikkita Rosalyn Charles 28.09.2020, 14:20:18

Waiting for the next update

sophia ikona 27.09.2020, 04:30:11

Just a big fan of your novels.... You are so good in writing...

The last comment in the thread:

Monika Singh 27.09.2020, 04:34:19

sophia ikona, Thank you❤

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