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Ongoing: 07 Jun 196 pages

Publication: 13.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Heartbeats"

Longing to realize his full potential in life amid the pursuit of healing and connection, Nathaniel's story unfolds as he proceeds through the first steps of medical transition. After joining an online forum for LGBT individuals, he meets Christian and opens himself up to a friendship that gradually intensifies with the passage of time and a newfound sense of introspection. The bond between the two grows and deepens but is later complicated by distance and circumstance, with their narratives ultimately intertwining and unfurling as they encounter situations involving closure, repair, and building trust even despite the pain of memory and heartbreak.

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RJ Greene
14.04.2020, 04:18:53

Thoroughly love that you dive right into the emotional turmoil Nathaniel is feeling regarding his situation.

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