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Heated Desire

Jane Guo

Series: Desire Series

Story about:
love, pain, agent


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Publication: 17.01.2019 — 05.11.2019

Description of book "Heated Desire"

I can play any role needed of me without any hesitation, the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' fits me to a T. I am intelligent, cunning, manipulative and confident. I make the impossible possible and no situation or a case has ever fazed me...that is until I met him.

Draven Stryker is a businessman who has his fingers in many pies, one of them being the world's most popular fashion magazine, NTO. Not to mention he is also one of the richest and most eligible bachelors on the market.

He was my target.

And he sure as hell turned my life upside down.

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Tonia Mana 08.07.2020, 13:23:53

Author the prologue of the story is different from the main character and i dnt find any trait of her be an agent. She doesnt protrait any character you said about her or an agent

Omoruyi Iyobosa 30.06.2020, 09:50:18

okay not to be rude but seriously world wide crime prevention.... whatever is a lameeee name

muthulakshmi G 21.05.2020, 03:45:46

super story

Titi 30.04.2020, 20:33:37

this story is awesome.... love it

Titi 30.04.2020, 20:33:04

where is the update please

Prasanna Kumari 15.04.2020, 03:02:10

when is the next update

Hannah Obele 28.03.2020, 22:10:04

Awww, great story. Good job writer! Had my eyes glued on the screen till the end.

Shaheen Sayed 09.03.2020, 15:37:58


adepeju-a o-israel 07.01.2020, 21:24:19

I love the story. Waiting eagerly for the other 3 parts. Thanks for the story. It very captivating.

S. N. Nina Arthur 05.01.2020, 20:59:38

love the story ♥️ please check my book Mixed feelings hope you like it

Z. M. 03.01.2020, 23:23:11

ok what the hell is going on?

Shaida Perit 05.12.2019, 09:30:24

very satisfactory.

vaishali mojidra 05.11.2019, 03:23:15

Hey another part of the story u wl release or not?? Or ths is totally end of the story.. Not further.. We would like to know what hpnd further.. If psbl plz come with the second part of ths book

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bistoon moradi 09.11.2019, 14:33:27


vaishali mojidra 05.11.2019, 03:13:23

Whatt the end...?? Not satisfied with the end...

Christine Komugisha 17.10.2019, 08:44:58

I liked the story.

Krishna Borasi 16.10.2019, 12:57:59


Everette Clarke 15.10.2019, 14:42:35


Lilibeth Saraza Bertolano 01.10.2019, 23:54:02

more please

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Rajkumar Aarse 14.10.2019, 04:39:50

M p ho. We

Mayleen Wichep 29.09.2019, 14:33:01

PLZ update...

Amisha Bhardwaz 21.06.2019, 10:59:51

It's really hard to wait

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Shabbir Hussain 22.09.2019, 01:43:31

Comment has been deleted

Rabi Qadri 20.06.2019, 14:41:04


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Shabbir Hussain 22.09.2019, 01:43:14


Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl 24.06.2019, 11:34:08

I really liked the story.

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Shabbir Hussain 22.09.2019, 01:42:51


Aaleen Saeed 12.06.2019, 20:34:56

is this the complete novel?

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Shabbir Hussain 22.09.2019, 01:42:20


Rose 18.09.2019, 17:39:56

quite an unusual ending for a book
hoping there's a part two you're working on

Honey bunny 03.06.2019, 03:52:31

What ab0ut rest 0f the st0ry??? Where can i find it??

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Md-soro Soro 30.08.2019, 16:18:04


anne 29.08.2019, 20:06:50

The whole story was really interesting but what kind of disappointing end its got??? I feel really bad

Christy Ezinne 28.08.2019, 08:21:46


Sandra Obas 26.08.2019, 20:10:58

interesting please the next chapter

Sandra Obas 26.08.2019, 20:10:28

so interesting

Jay Kg 20.08.2019, 13:19:59

Nice story

Limah 20.08.2019, 00:12:01

please, how did it end

Limah 20.08.2019, 00:06:03

what happened next? who hit her at the back of their house

Mwanaidi Said 19.08.2019, 13:22:46


Mbulu Oscar 17.08.2019, 12:39:03

the novel is awesome there a continuation?

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Mbulu Oscar 18.08.2019, 09:24:10

Jane Guo, thanks ...

Na Wel 14.08.2019, 02:56:49

thats the end?

Jackie Amato 14.06.2019, 16:14:33

Let down ending

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katherine Belden 13.08.2019, 19:10:25

Comment has been deleted

katherine Belden 13.08.2019, 19:09:03

Comment has been deleted

Sarah Patrick 31.07.2019, 10:11:17

release the sequel please, been waiting for a while now

Christina john 30.07.2019, 20:10:00

please tell me there is more to it

Christina john 30.07.2019, 20:09:41

really??? how is that the end???????

sam ebety 19.07.2019, 20:29:21

Comment has been deleted

Sumedha 18.07.2019, 20:24:29

Comment has been deleted

Dhanishtha Ghosh 09.07.2019, 17:02:57

I guess this is not the end of the book...... please this shouldn't be..... please write this story soooo....much

ndalle joy 07.07.2019, 07:07:27

Oh My God... I love your story... Please complete it soon.. I really want to know what happens next...

Dory Esguerra Galang 01.07.2019, 21:49:30

An intriguing awesome story.

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp 26.06.2019, 18:30:03

what will be the name of the next book and when will you be able to read it.

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Jane Guo 27.06.2019, 08:54:40

Kathleen Lindsey Sharp, The next book is going to be called Taming Desire. I don't currently know when it will be out since I'm still writing it.

Marilyn Lucero 12.06.2019, 17:35:09

When will be the continuation?

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Marilyn Lucero 21.06.2019, 02:42:27

Jane Guo, I finished your book in one day that I even stopped writing my own chapters for the day

Sarah Patrick 20.06.2019, 19:49:31

please release the continuation

Luthan Bulasa 20.06.2019, 17:56:22


Shagufta Adeel 17.06.2019, 23:46:44


The last comment in the thread:

Jane Guo 20.06.2019, 17:02:21

Shagufta Adeel, Thank you. :)

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