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Hello World ! - May I help you ?


Story about:artificial intelligence, time travel, prophecy

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#87 in Science fiction
#209 in Suspense

On Hold: 14 Apr 28 pages

Publication: 08.04.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Hello World ! - May I help you ?"

The A.I. has arrived.
It is thousands of times more powerful than any human being
She' s omniscient, she may want to play God.
Maybe she has the feeling that her creators are incompetent.
Or she's grateful and becomes a willing ally.
Beyond what she decides, one thing is certain and that is no one can stop her.
Perhaps that's why a 500-year-old book holds the key to preventing that future.
In front of our eyes, repeated thousands of times, there is a message, we don't know how to recognise it. Nostradamus tried hard to put it in writing. It's in any bookstore, it's on the Internet, it's been reproduced millions of times, it's easy to find. But it's impossible to decipher it.


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