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Her Chosen One


Story about:love triangle, best friends, cheating

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Publication: 18.10.2020 — 22.10.2020

Description of book "Her Chosen One"

To love and be loved.
That's all what Ayla Kingston wanted.
But what happens when she harbours feelings for two people at once?
The question is: will she get her heart broken or will she break someone else's heart?
Klaus Anderson
The ideal boyfriend who has all eyes for Ayla, who helps him fight his difficult past. A business man with a heart of gold. Although jealousy and misunderstandings may come between them, he'd do whatever it takes to not lose her.
Ayla Kingston
Stuck in high school, Ayla is a temperamental but compassionate individual who would do anything for her loved ones. But her life is nowhere close to ordinary. Especially when she realises she has to choose between her boyfriend and her best friend.

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writerpantz 22.10.2020, 20:26:48

Such a beautiful story and a lovely ending.

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AK 26.10.2020, 11:56:49

writerpantz, Thank you so much! xoxo

Radhika Nair 24.10.2020, 00:54:48

I loved the story. I wanted Klaus to be by Ayla's side till the end. Amazing, keep going on.

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AK 26.10.2020, 11:56:25

Radhika Nair, thank you so much! means a lot

Faith Weru 19.10.2020, 19:07:45

have. you watched the vampire diaries or the originals by any chance

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AK 22.10.2020, 15:17:27

Faith Weru, i have! Klaus and Damon are my favourites, what about you?

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