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Publication: 23.10.2020 — 05.11.2020

Description of book "Her Hometown Prince"

Sometimes all you need is a push.

She needed to know what made him tick. What made him leave home for four years and come back distant and cold? Becca couldn't leave it alone after meeting New York's dubbed prince. The new CEO of the multibillion-dollar company is about to learn to let go of his tattered past and hold onto a future filled with the most intriguing woman.

“911 What’s your emergency?”

“This is Sebastian McRoy. There are two strangers in the car park of Winthorp University fucking the brains out of each other in my van. Please send someone to remove these people.” I responded calmly before ending the call.

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Maria Alba 26.11.2020, 14:30:05

I love the story, romantic!!!

Riechi Manen 16.11.2020, 04:00:12

I was reading this novel with a happy face, cause when you find true love nothing else matters than the person beside you. great story and wonderful concept Author

selina ndjamba 07.11.2020, 23:41:03

is there a sequel to this book.i love this story.

The last comment in the thread:

Kay Barton 09.11.2020, 15:54:09

selina ndjamba, Sorry, there's no sequel. May do a short story outside of this platform.

Shila Barai 05.11.2020, 15:38:41

Comment has been deleted

Shila Barai 05.11.2020, 15:38:18

Just fell in love with this book❤...thank you author for this lovely book.

Sofia Godwin 05.11.2020, 08:03:32

I love this story wonderful thanks you so much for this beautiful story

Tabitha Mutashi 05.11.2020, 07:50:50

wow wonderful story

Alulu Onuoha 05.11.2020, 07:19:20

Wow!!! simply the best novel ive read so far, keep it up ❤️

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 03.11.2020, 08:53:44

Omg! Sebastián is proposing!!

Tabitha Mutashi 02.11.2020, 00:59:24

am so happy for Beccs

Asuka sofia 01.11.2020, 23:39:57

Fell in love with the book since day 4 and still love it. Veronica and her mom are evil bitches and her father is wealthy now who's the nobody ?.
Wish you'd update fast can't get enough of the book

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 31.10.2020, 21:10:22

Be careful of the bitches gurl! Can i have the in laws & veronica for opening nite? Will be a blast

Cielito Rolda 30.10.2020, 03:34:39

Update please .... ???

Navini Mallikarachchi 25.10.2020, 15:33:53

so exited to read

The last comment in the thread:

Popoola Ayobami 29.10.2020, 19:58:15

Navini Mallikarachchi, so interesting I feel like am watching a movie

ayanrinola idris diamond 29.10.2020, 17:57:45

Very interesting I love❤ it

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 29.10.2020, 13:15:52

Oh my goolly! Is he proposing??

Tabitha Mutashi 29.10.2020, 08:45:50

now let's see Ronnie n her mother's reaction

Nur Hafizah Mohd Daud 29.10.2020, 08:42:55

Looking gooddd. Keep it going author

Veronica Sphere 28.10.2020, 13:58:46

Woah Author you nailed it ...this is such a good story❤❤ can't wait for the next update

Sharai 28.10.2020, 12:24:08

Promising story....i love it already!!!!

Divija Muppidi 25.10.2020, 18:40:31

her, taking food from his plate is soooo veerrryy unprofessional.

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