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Book. "Her jahan(world)" read online
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On Hold: 16 Aug 10 pages

Publication: 15.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Her jahan(world)"

Noor ul ain awan the definition of innocence and purity has always been away from the evil of the world. Love everyone around her except her family, the family which has given her nothing but pain and anguish, but as always we can't really hate our family, she still waits for the the day when her family will come to get her, the family which has left her in the name of protection, the family which has abandon her ,and also the one person who promised her that he will never leave her ,what would happen when her family will come for her,to take her where she rightfully belong..

Adeel awan ,you can describe him as arrogant, rude, egoistic,devil,but still he is the most lovable person but only for his family and his Noor ,whom he had to abandon to keep her safe ,but now the time has come...


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Muntaha Ansari
23.08.2022, 10:29:10

You can read this book now as his heart

Muntaha Ansari
17.08.2022, 13:06:24

hello readers! i just want to inform you that I am the author of this book but because of some reasons im unable to log in my account, so i will continue this book on my new account

Yashvi Shah
18.08.2022, 10:55:29

Nice content

Muntaha Ansari
18.08.2022, 12:15:38

Yashvi Shah, thank you but this story is continued on my new account, please check it

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