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Her Lemen's Rebirth

Godwin Hosanna

Story about:love, werewolf, fate

Age restriction: 18+

9 51

#84 in Paranormal Romance
#120 in Romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 27 May 43 pages

Publication: 21.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Her Lemen's Rebirth"

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"


After losing her soulmate to the clutches of death fifty years ago, Erin Grendel, a lonely vampire stumbles upon the alpha of the Oberon kingdom who saves her from being killed by his pack for trespassing. To her greatest surprise, he looks exactly like her dead human lover. Soon she finds out he was reincarnated twenty-five years ago and not only was he reincarnated back to life, he also returned as one of the creatures that killed him when he was human–the arch enemies of the vampires–werewolves.

Duncan Mirthhorn, Alpha of the Oberon Kingdom saves a trespasser and falls in love, going against the rules of the kingdom.

Against all odds, they fall in love with each other over again and see in secret till they have to fight for their love.

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Lola Tiamiyu
21.04.2022, 11:26:00

Looking good already!! Can't wait to read more.

Godwin Hosanna
21.04.2022, 11:43:16

Lola Tiamiyu, Thank you so much

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