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Ongoing: 11 Apr 55 pages

Publication: 02.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Her Love Language"

One drunk night, Claire's already not so perfect life changes forever. What happens if after seven years, she is forced to relive the memories of that night?

Secrets are gonna be revealed, hearts are gonna be broken and maybe, just maybe, something great will still come out of this

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Hanna Suzy 18.04.2021, 07:51:25

update author please

Patience Boniface 17.04.2021, 12:25:31

can we get an update

Yashvi Khunt 16.04.2021, 13:58:44

update plzz...nd heyy u forgot Micky nd Blayze... Micky is gonna complain again being a third wheel..just saying

Patience Boniface 11.04.2021, 15:12:11

good job

Hanna Suzy 10.04.2021, 09:13:46

can u please update

Patience Boniface 09.04.2021, 16:46:51

it take ages for update

aarohi Ch 08.04.2021, 08:47:46

please update soon author

Beautiful princess 06.04.2021, 19:50:52

Update please

Haripriya M H 06.04.2021, 06:50:07

why are you not updating?

Nive Thitha 05.04.2021, 10:51:06

Update please

Nive Thitha 30.03.2021, 20:50:33

Nice update,

Patience Boniface 30.03.2021, 10:35:00

nice update

Patience Boniface 27.03.2021, 09:03:06

nice update

Patience Boniface 22.03.2021, 17:49:23

nice update

Patience Boniface 19.03.2021, 12:46:07

nice update

Nive Thitha 17.03.2021, 09:12:29

oh really short chapter, please update more

sneha katriar 09.03.2021, 10:18:48

Enjoying it....Feels happy to read that ryan is zac son.....

sneha katriar 05.03.2021, 08:24:59

Thanks a ton...waiting for more...

Kelly Blickley 05.03.2021, 04:59:33

Good start. Please update often, helps keep the attention of reader.

Dream Soul 04.03.2021, 14:55:39

Intreasting update frequently

Haripriya M H 04.03.2021, 14:03:54

Nice story please update daily.

Hemalatha periyasamy 03.03.2021, 15:53:39


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