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Book. "Her Muse  " read online

Her Muse

Hateem Raza

Story about:mafia, forced marriage, mafia abduction and forced love

Age restriction: 18+

31 172

#2569 in Romance
#252 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 18 Sep 18 pages

Publication: 03.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Her Muse "

The person is gaining his conciousness back. When he opens his blue eyes, he stares at his surrounding trying to figure out about the place.He stands up and goes towards the door but soon finds the door locked. He knocks at the door but no one comes. Losing his energy he sits on the floor.

The door of the room opens and five men enter in the room holding guns in their hands. And in the last a girl enters in the room, she is wearing a tight jeans and a short shirt with a leather jacket with a pencil heal her outfit is showing the perfect curves of her body.

She has blonde hair. Her eyes are of brown colour filled with khol. She has an errected nose, her cheeks are chubby, her lips are small wearing pink shade. She is round about 28 years old. A perfect example of beauty.


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Waasfa Qureshi
26.09.2022, 16:56:58

Ohh I recently read this story it's incredible and inimitable as mostly it's the male figure that dominanting over other characters or rulling the whole Mafia and all our sympathies are with the person who is in persuit of woman. But here same actions are delivered in the demise of female protagonist as she madly fell in love with a guy , abducted him married him, a great control over her team, it's fist time I m reading this kinda narrative. Events are beautifully woven alliteration in naming of characters is wonderful. Excited for the climax of the. Upload it as soon as possible.

Waasfa Qureshi
16.11.2022, 05:31:19

Hateem Raza, Pleasure is mine.

Malaika Naeem
21.09.2022, 09:17:18

the plot of the novel is amazing

19.09.2022, 17:50:32

please update soon author

19.09.2022, 17:39:28

it's a unique story fell in love with it plz update soon

Nadia Maqbool
17.09.2022, 18:23:26

Nice story author a different plot I must say

Nida Nida
09.09.2022, 09:49:12

nice novel

Ash Twinkles
08.09.2022, 13:35:09

Author your story is quite unique and lovely. waiting immpatiently for the next update

Hadee Aly
05.09.2022, 02:06:54

Comment has been deleted

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