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Her Request

Tomisin Ayoade

Story about:april denver and jordan cross.

Age restriction: 18+

38 887

#1084 in Erotic
#5871 in Romance

On Hold: 17 Dec 113 pages

Publication: 23.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Her Request"

April Denver's Erotic message to a constant one night stand was mistakenly sent to someone else after siri chose scum instead of sean as the receiver on her contact list. Alpha male billionaire Jordan Cross sees a message from April indicating her sexual need for him. He sets out to her apartment and from that night onward, his virginity taken by her, he knew he was done for. She doesn't feel the same and for this to happen, there's one thing Jordan Cross must do to own all of her. Fulfil her request by becoming a Dominant


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Onesmus Wanjohi
13.12.2020, 16:48:21

am so could you just stop at the interesting part

Tomisin Ayoade
17.12.2020, 17:43:22

Tomisin Ayoade, As a consolation prize, I finished the book

Dnyanesh shahare
22.11.2020, 03:01:21

Plz write more
its a great story

Tomisin Ayoade
17.12.2020, 17:42:46

Dnyanesh shahare, I've finished uploading! ✌✌

Nahid Sheikh
13.12.2020, 15:26:02

why no new updates... please writer continue this story

Tomisin Ayoade
17.12.2020, 17:42:08

Nahid Sheikh, Finished uploading for your reading pleasure!

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