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On Hold: 08 May 16 pages

Publication: 24.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Her Wounded Heart"

They were childhood sweetheart. He followed her everywhere she goes. He loves to make her happy. she was like ray of sun in his dark life.

Both are totally different to eachother.

Is destiny going to play cruel way to make him loss his last hope of life.


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Bella Blah
28.04.2021, 17:16:06

please update cant wait for the next

Dark Romance
28.04.2021, 18:17:32

Bella Blah, will update soon dear

Priyanka Das
25.04.2021, 09:32:33

love this story..... thankkkk youuuuu author.eagerlyyyy waitinggg for next update

Dark Romance
25.04.2021, 10:02:47

Priyanka Das, Thanks for you interest dear, will update soon today
take care :)

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