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Hidden Ancient kingdom


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Publication: 15.01.2022 — 21.03.2022

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Description of book "Hidden Ancient kingdom"

about a man named peter who embark on a mission in finding a kingdom that his grandfather was trying to find before he died, so he is left with his friends to help him finish the research but at first he did not trust them but as time goes on he got to understand that the idea that his grandfather put in his head of not trusting any one was a wall blocking his eye from see that the only was to find a kingdoms that spend century's hiding form man is to work with people who are willing to help.
at the end the got to find out that the prylic the people of the kingdom which the search for where trying to leave but peter cannot let them do that because man has a weapon of theirs which could cause mass destructions amongst man.


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Onome Gift
07.04.2022, 13:45:54

I love this story. It feels so real its amazing. Still need some touch up but it's amazing. Great work

Onome Gift
05.04.2022, 21:14:19

Nice description. I'll read now

Onome Gift
07.04.2022, 11:19:31

Kaleb, Wow, this is great. I never thought something amazing could come out that. I'm sure you can do much better. Be sure not to be discouraged by low response at first, it will get better. You can do it.

16.01.2022, 07:46:39

Need more

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